Harphoul Mohini 20th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Saroj brings Harphoul’s proposal for Mohini

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Scene 1
Saroj dances with Mohini and says I am so happy. Her mom asks what happened? Saroj says I found a proposal for Mohini. Mohini’s mom asks who’s the guy? What’s his job? Will he ask for dowry? Mohini’s dad says even if he asks for it I will give it and get my Mohini married if he’s a good guy. Mohini’s mom says and beg with the other three girls on road? Her dad says when have we begged? Saroj says the guy is very nice. But he’s from Haryana. He’s my aunt’s son. Mohini’s dad says so he’s Punjabi?? Saroj says no. He’s from Haryana.

Santosh says to Mai madarasan? We will get him married to a madrasan? Mai says she’s from kerala. Harphoul says I don’t even know how girls from there are. Mai says they’re like any normal girls. Mohini’s mom says we won’t even understand his language. Shalini says how will she eat our food? Harphoul says she’ll be different. Mai says she’s a nurse like Saroj. She will take care of us. Mohini’s dad says how will Mohini adjust there? Women don’t even work there. Mai says she’s so smart. She topped the exam in Kerala. Shalini says why would he marry him then? Saroj tells Mohini’s family that Harphoul isn’t educated. They’re shocked. Mohini’s mom says you brought an uneducated guy for him? Saroj says but he’s very nice. They don’t have any dowry at all. Shalini says she will have so much ego. Mai says she’s not like you. Mohini hasn’t said yes yet. Shalini says who asks for a girl’s eyes? Mai says in their family they do. Mohini and Harphoul think. Mohini’s dad says we can’t marry her to someone uneducated. Saroj says let’s ask Mohini? Mohini says I need time to think. Saroj calls Mai and says she will think and decide. I will pray she says yes. Harphoul says I am also thinking.

Scene 2
Balwant looks at Harphoul’s photo and laughs. He says I had to pay 20 lacs to stop his wedding. I won’t let him marry. He throws his statue. Mohini’s mom says we won’t marry her to the uneducated guy. If she goes so far how will we manage? You don’t even have a job. He says so you’re still thinking about yourself. You’re so selfish. She says a girl’s mother has to have a stone heart. Try to find a solution. Shalini tells Santosh we will be so insulted if that Madrasan comes here. Mai already loves her. Mai doesn’t respect us anyway. This girl won’t even talk to us. Why would your uneducated brother get an educated girl? Mai never cared so much about you.

Mohini’s sisters think about her. She dances in the garden. Her sister says didi only dances when she’s stressed. Mohini falls down. She says how will I adjust to a village. I don’t know their language. The future. Harphoul’s friend says mai won’t choose the wrong girl for you. Santosh asks them to leave. Santosh says to Harphoul say no. Harphoul says I would say no. Santosh says well done. How will you manage with an educated girl? She will never respect. These educated girls never respect men. She would dance on your head.

Scene 3
Harphoul says to mai what are you doing? She says imagining you marrying Mohini. She says she won’t respect me. She’s educated. Mohini says she will run this house better. Harphoul says I can’t live with her. Water and oil can’t mix. She says they can swim together. I know you better than yourself. She will make your life a lot better. Mohini thinks about what Saroj said. Mai prays for Harphoul. Mohini tries to think yes no. Harphoul digs his land. He finds the first root. Mohini gets a yes from her heart. He says my land said yes mai.

Episode ends

Precap: Mai prays, says may Harphoul and his bride have all the happiness in the world.
Balvant decides to hurt Harphoul.
Harphoul slips of the bike, Mohini stumbles.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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