Harphoul Mohini 17th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Harphoul doesn’t get married

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Scene 1
Harphoul is at the event. Mai says to the man we will keep your daughter as our prince. She asks the girl what’s her name? She says Rani. He asks where are you from? Santosh says tells the village’s name. The man asks are girls killed before they’re born in your village? She says yes I can’t change everyone but I will love and respect your daughter like my own. Balwant’s men come there. He says I won’t let him marry. Harphoul gets ready. Balwant asks his men to throw the matchstick. Harphoul sits in the mandap. They set the mandap on fire. Everyone screams and runs out. Everyone starts running out in panic. The girl falls. Harphoul picks her and takes her out. Harphoul helps everyone stuck inside. Mai is worried for them.

Mohini prays for herself and her family. Everyone claps for Harphoul. All people thank him. They say he’s a blessing. Another man says you can marry your son to our daughter. Mai says we’ve already agreed with them. Harphoul picks the sindur. Balwant comes there with his men. He says will you marry without your uncle’s blessings. My men can burn your house on fire. All families will get 5k from me. People start chanting for Balwant. The says my daughter was getting married to your nephew. He says come with me. He takes the father to a side.

Scene 2
At Mohini’s house the guy’s family comes.
Harphoul sits in the mandap. His friends tell him the bride and her family have left. Balwant says you will never find anyone. Your bride ran away. He laughs. Mai says let’s go from here Harphoul. Harphoul sees the girl and her dad. He comes in and says I am sorry. He says to Balwant I can’t ruin Harphoul’s life for you 1 lac. Here’s your money. Harpoul says I can’t marry now. The guy gives ring. Mohini’s dad says he’s the father-in-law? The matchmaker says he isn’t the father-in-law. Mohini says what’s his age? The matchmaker says 51. She says have some shame. Get out. Harphoul says to the girl’s father I know how much your family needs this money. Keep it, don’t return it for me. He says I can find someone else to marry. He announces Balwant is giving 1 lac to everyone to get married. He chats his name. All people get in line to collect money.

Scene 3
Mohini says I am your daughter’s age. GO from here before I call the police. Harphoul comes home. Mai says I am very proud of you. You helped that girl and her family. I feel like passed even when I failed. God will send the girl for you. Shalini says but he didn’t get married. Mai calls Saroj. She says I’ve never met Mohini but she sounded like home. She sounded like the one who will make Harphoul’s life better. I felt like God sent her. Saroj says we’re late. A family is coming to see her today. Mai says God will make a way. Talk to her parents. Saroj comes to Mohini’s house. They tell her the relationship didn’t happen. Saroj says yayyy. Finally. They’re confused. Saroj calls mai and tells her. Mai is very happy.

Episode ends

Precap: Saroj informs Mohini and her family that she has Harphouls proposal for Mohini but Harphoul is uneducated.
Mohini is confused whether she should say yes or no.
Harphoul digs his land to find answers.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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