Hardness in Love (Ishq Unplugged) Episode 3

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I am Yash Shekhar. Thanks for supporting me and for your love. Today, I am going to upload third episode of Hardness in Love that is based on Ishq Unplugged of Channel V. For New User:-You can read first episode (Intro of Cast) at https://www.tellyupdates.com/hardness-love-intro-cast-ishq-unplugged-episode-1/ and second episode at https://www.tellyupdates.com/hardness-love-ishq-unplugged-episode-2/

Everyone became fresh and the first round competition is going to start now. Everyone comes and sit on their places. Firstly Judges call Antra to start. Antra come on stage and start Mandy’s Favorite song Tum Hi Ho… of Aashiqui 2 and completed it very well. Mandy stands and start clapping for Antra and he forgot everyone is seeing him. Mandy sit immediately. Judges says Excellent Antra; We have also expected this from you; Is it your favorite song and Antra replied It’s not my favorite but it’s favorite of my favorite and thinking about her Aayi. Mandy thinks she is saying about him. Next Sunny is called on stage for performance. Sunny sings Ek Hatheli… of Ishq Ke Parindey. Judges says Well Done Sunny; We hope you can compete with others. Sunny say Thank You and leave stage. Antra is thinking Why Sunny sings ek Hatheli… It’s one of the favorite of Mandy and feels jealous. Mandy sings Bolna… from Kapoor and Sons. Judges says Very Good Mandy. We have doesn’t think that you can sing like this. Mandy says Thanks. Shaan and Bunty also sings and Judges appreciated him. They all leaved the stage and goes to café to eat something. After that they all started practicing for next round. Mandy goes near to Antra and says Thank You for singing my favorite song. Antra says go to Sunny and say this and I have not sing your favorite sing and Tum Hi Ho… is my Aayi’s favorite song. Mandy understand everything.

Precap: – Sunny comes near Mandy and says how I sing your favorite song ? Mandy replied Very Good but why you sing my favorite song ? Sunny replied because…..

I hope you like it. I will do my best effort to write next episode soon but my school will start from tomorrow. When I will get time I will write next episode… Keep loving my Fan Fiction
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    Nice episode… Loved it! ?…. Awaiting your next epi!


    Nice worth reading

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    Its totally awesome 🙂 😉

  5. Khushi

    Amazing…. M so sorry for being late yr….actually I was not well….hope u don’t mind….anyways it was awesome… Hehe Mandy thought that she sung for him??
    And again suspense post the next part soon yr….
    And it’s a request plz do write the recap before starting plz….just a request plz don’t mind..

    1. Shekhar.yash01

      Thank You So Much
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      I will surely add recap from next episode…
      BTW What happen with you ???
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