Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu hides the black money

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with ministers meeting people and trying to get good marks. Khoji says we have to know how much they earned. Chaya tells the results. Chaitu gets surprised. Chaya says the results went in media too. Khoji tells the same results on news channel. Pahelwan says now, we will challenge you. Chaitu asks them to resign. They joke on Chaitu. Chaitu asks how did you get the marks. Whisky says Puttan has got us marks. Puttan comes and says no, I didn’t. They say you gave us all the ideas. Chaitu says you didn’t do this right Puttan, they will form a coalition and blackmail me. Puttan says I didn’t do this. Chaitu asks who did this. Dhakad asks shall I say. Puttan sees him and says so you did this, Dhakad’s ghost. Chaitu gets angry. Puttan says Dhakad is creating rift between

us. Dhakad says the ministers have done a good work to get good marks.

Puttan asks why did you do this, who will make this fine. Pahelwan and ministers leave. Chaitu worries. Its morning, media reaches Chaitu’s office and wait for the new coalition meet. Pahelwan asks them to sit and keep mic close. They boast about their coalition. He says we are opposing govt rules, not the govt. Puttan asks Dhakad to see what did he do. Dhakad says I will not let them succeed. Puttan asks will you explain them. Dhakad says I will enter them. Dhakad gets in Chironji. Khoji asks who will be leader of this party. Pahelwan says let me become the CM. Chironji says he will sink the state, he got marks by feeding the people, else he would have not got an egg, he is a theif. They all fight. Whisky slaps Chironji and says I will become CM. Chironji gets on him. They have a fight. Puttan smiles.

Chaitu comes and gets surprised. Khoji says you are seeing the fight here. He asks Chaitu about it. Chaitu says they are still with me, right. They say yes, we are with you. Khoji asks what will you punish them. Chaitu says we will take ministry back from them for 3 months. Dhakad says tell Chaitu to make them work for people good, only then they will get ministry. Puttan conveys the message. Chaitu says yes, they should teach a lesson, none can become CM when I m here.

Khoji says there is black money found in the state, Chaitu promised that he will get black money back, he won the elections, we will talk to Chaitu. He says people want to know why is black money so black. Chaitu says I didn’t get black money anywhere. Puttan says we will find out if this is true. Khoji says phones are also tapped. Puttan says we will give the report. Chaitu worries and goes. Khoji says we have to see if the black money will disappear. Imli sees the sacks in kitchen. She asks the men to put the rice sacks in room. She gets shocked seeing the money inside. They all get shocked seeing notes.

They call Chaitu to ask. Imli says we have got money in sacks here. He says it has money, keep it in storeroom. She says there is no money. He says keep it anywhere, phones are tapped, I will come home and talk. She says fine. She asks men to take the sacks to room. Imli says how will we make pulao now. Puttan comes to Chaitu and says your name is in tax defaulters, there will be raid here. Chaitu asks Imli why did you call. Imli says why did you not say before. Chaitu says we will lose all money, do something Puttan. Puttan says don’t worry, I will manage. Genda says there can be raid at our place too. Her uncle comes. She says if our house gets raided then… He says I have hidden all the money in water tank, none can have a smart mind than me. Haseena asks will water come there. He says don’t worry, there won’t be any water. She thinks I got saved, it will be fun, how will Chaitu hide his money.

Jha asks Chaitu to give money to lenders. Chaitu pays the jeweller. The man refuses to accept money.

Update Credit to: Amena

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