Har Mard Ka Dard 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 3rd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with she has ignited a fire with which Sonu and Vinod’s married life will be ruined. She says Sonu’s far away brother will come infront of Vinod as my brother and will go out with her all around. Vinod will get jealous. Apsara says you are playing a bad game. Mallika says she wants to win anyways. Vinod comes to Sonu and says lets have tea together. Sonu asks Anju from where did the sun rise? She taunts Vinod. Vinod says you are taunting as If you are taunting your bahu. Anju asks do I taunt Sonu? Vinod gets Tania’s call. Sonu thinks Bunty Bhaiyya haven’t come till now. Bunty comes. Mallika introduced him as her brother. He does poetry in Sonu’s honour. Kanno says she will write his poetry in book.

Bunty calls lallu lal to Vinod. Vinod says my name is not lallu lal. He says I am Vinod Khanna. Bunty says there is nothing in name. Everyone laughs. Vinod get Tania’s call again. Mallika asks Vinod to take him for outing. Sonu says she is free and will take him. She leaves with Bunty. Vinod goes to college.

In the evening, Vinod comes back home and calls Sonu. Bunno says Bhabhi took Bunty for Patiala tour. He calls her. Sonu is in Mallika’s house with Bunty and pretends as if she is happy with bunty. Vinod sleeps waiting for her. He wakes up in the morning and asks papa ji where is Sonu? Papa ji scolds him for not controlling his wife. Anju says Sonu left with Bunty early morning and then came late night. She again left early morning on your scooter. Vinod asks them not to make issue and imagines Sonu with Bunty. He says he is going to school.

In the college, Vinod tells Mishra ji and Gulati ji that his friend is always busy in work who have a beautiful wife, who is hanging out with her neighbor’s brother. Mishra ji and Gulati ji say that it is not good and says she might get friendly with him. Vinod gets tensed.

He comes back home. Mallika apologizes to him and says she is going to ram bulldozer on him. Vinod asks her to tell. Mallika tells him that she heard Bunty and Sonu talking about eloping. Vinod says Sonu is my wife. Mallika says she is saying right and asks him not to leave Bunty. She thinks their love story will end today. Vinod hears her thought through mani that she loves him only. He gets happy and tries to sleep. Sonu gets up and pretends to elope with Bunty. Vinod catches them. Sonu blames Vinod. Everyone come out. Sonu says Bunty is not at fault and asks him not to touch Bunty. She says you didn’t have time to have tea with me and asks with whom, I will share my feelings. Vinod says this doesn’t mean that you will betray me. Bunty says this is because you don’t comment or like her posts. Vinod tries to beat him. Sonu protects him, but Vinod manages to hit him. Sonu says you have done wrong.

Mallika accepts her defeat infront of Apsara and says your Vinod have won and I have lost. I couldn’t woo him. She frees Apsara. Apsara comes to Vinod. Vinod is surprised to see her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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