Har Mard Ka Dard 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 29th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sonu trying to romance Vinod. Vinod says he needs to go to college. Sonu asks him to have tiffin. He says he will have in canteen and goes. Sonu tells Anju that Vinod is busy and have no time for her. Mallika thinks she will take advantage of this situation. She comes to Sonu and tells her that Vinod might be missing her in college, and tells that she has movie tickets and asks her to go with Vinod. Sonu thinks they will spend sometime together then. Vinod comes home tired and says he have food in college. Sonu says she is hungry because of him. Vinod says he will have food with her. Sonu says no and thinks he will convince her. Vinod comes and opens the exam papers. Sonu asks him to watch film with her tomorrow. Vinod agrees. Mallika comes and asks did you talk to Vinod about watching film. Sonu says yes. Mallika feels pity on her and thinks Vinod will not come.

Vinod is with Mishra ji and Gulati, and laugh reminiscing the happenings. Vinod tells them to make their exam papers ready and says he is going to watch film with Sonu. Mallika then calls taneja and says that VC wants to meet your staff and see the exam preparation at 8 pm. She tells Apsara that Sonu will burst her anger on him now. Apsara says Sonu will not do anything as such and tells that Vinod will hear sonu’s thoughts with that mani. Malika says she will do magic on Mani and make him listen opposite to her feelings.

Mishra ji gets Taneja’s call and he tells Vinod and Gulati. Mallika sees Vinod at home and says it is 11 pm. Vinod says Sonu told me, but we couldn’t go. Vinod says Sonu’s mood will be spoiled. Mallika does magic on his mani. Sonu is angry and thinks she will not listen to him. Vinod thinks to use mani and know her feelings. He hears Sonu thinking that he dances and sings song. She asks if he has gone mad. Vinod continues to dance. Sonu says it is bakwas. Vinod thinks how can mani be wrong.

Sonu is much angry with him. Vinod hears her thought and thinks he shall do opposite to what he heard. He does garba. Sonu asks him to stop it and says she will go to her mum’s place. He thinks there is a technical problem and thinks even Apsara is not coming. Mallika comes to Sonu and tells that there is a sale and asks her to come. Sonu says I can’t come today as I am making his favorite food. Mallika says Anju will make and asks her to come. She says when Vinod don’t have time, then he will not have time to have food. She says she will go alone.

Vinod asks Sonu to serve the food and says he will finish the work in 10 mins. Vinod gets busy in work, while Sonu waits for him at the dining table.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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