Har Mard Ka Dard 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 28th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinod getting preeti’s message that she can’t come to his house as her mum in law is unwell. Vinod says he have to bring Preeti anyhow and asks Gulati to become Preeti. Gulati refuses. Vinod asks Mishra ji then and asks him to sacrifice his moustache for him. Mishra ji refuses. Vinod sees Bunno in the RC shop and pays 100 Rs for his mobile recharge. Bunno gets happy. Vinod tells Bunno that Preeti can’t come as her mum in law is unwell and asks him to become Preeti. Bunno refuses and returns his 100 rs. Vinod thinks now get ready to get his baraat by his wife. Everyone wait for Preeti at home. Kanno asks if he gave right address. Sonu says everything will be clear now. Papa ji says then why he would call her here. Sonu says now she is sure that Vinod is having affair with Preeti. Vinod thinks how to tell Sonu that Preeti will not come. Mishra ji comes dressed in saree. Vinod gets happy and runs to him and hugs him. Sonu is shocked. Vinod asks Sonu to clear her doubts now. Mishra ji sits on sofa. Papa ji thinks why Preeti is showing her leg. Mishra ji covers his leg. Just then Gulati comes and says he is Preeti. Everyone is shocked. Vinod is very much shocked.

Gulati says I am Preeti. Sonu is about to faint. Gulati ji says you are so handsome man. Mishra ji comes there and sees Gulati. Sonu asks Vinod, what two Preeti’s are doing here. Vinod thinks what has happened? Bunno comes there and says he is Preeti. He asks how are you Vinod ji. He holds Mallika’s hand and says maar hi daloge….He says such a beautiful wife, and kisses her hand. Kanno says this is Mallika and this is my Bhabhi Sonu, and here are two Preetis. Bunno is shocked and says he hates Preeti name. Sonu asks Vinod if he has any answer. Anju asks if there was any sale on Preeti. Papa ji asks who is real? Mallika realizes that the third one is Bunno. She goes to him and takes his wig out. Everyone is shocked to see Bunno. Bunno asks who is Bunno. Mallika shows the wig. Anju asks who are they? Mishra ji and Gulati give their introduction. Gulati says I came here for friendship. Mishra ji says even I came for same. Sonu asks them to stop it and says she never thought that he will betray him. She says she is sure that he has affair with her. Vinod says Preeti left city and says he had to do this to clear her doubt. Kanno and Anju asks her to forgive him. Sonu forgives him and hugs him.

Preeti comes there and says Vinod ji. Kanno says one more Preeti. Vinod says when you came. Anju makes her stand in Preeti queue and asks Sonu to pull her hairs. Sonu says she is real. Preeti says she was not coming here and told Vinod, then thought to come to clear her misunderstandings. She tells that Vinod is good, and girls used to woo him, but he was never involved with anyone. She says she is married and have two children. She says Vinod is always her friend. Kanno and Bunno tell Sonu that they gave Preeti’s number to him through social networking site. Anju asks Sonu not to let doubt make place in her mind. Vinod tells Sonu that he always loved her and nobody else. Sonu says sorry for doubting on him and apologizes to Preeti also. She hugs Vinod. Mallika thinks she has lost again. Everyone is happy. Vinod says he is happy that he has a loving wife, family and friends. Kanno says lets click selfie. They take selfie. Apsara tells Mallika that one chance is left and asks her to go. Mallika says she will return after victory only and says she will play her last attack cleverly.

Sonu romances with Vinod. Vinod says he needs to go to college. He leaves without having food. Sonu tells Anju that Vinod didn’t talk to her properly since 3 days.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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