Har Mard Ka Dard 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 26th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinod promising Sonu that he will take part in perfect husband contest. Sonu gets happy and hugs him. She calls Rasika and informs her that they are participating in the contest. Rasika says she is unsure that vinod will win. Vinod takes the call and asks Rasika to order sweets as he will win the contest, and says he will get the trophy home and says it is his open challenge. Vinod does push ups and tells Apsara that he will prove to Rasika that he is best for Sonu. Apsara asks how you will dance as you had never danced before. She asks him to practice with her. Vinod thinks I didn’t think about it. Apsara gives her best wishes.

All the participants taking part in the contest come on stage. Jyoti tells Sonu that her hubby will win. Sonu says she has full confidence on her husband. Jyoti asks her husband to do something. He asks her not to worry and says they will only win. He signs someone. Jyoti’s husband bribes the host/announcer. He promises to make him win. Vinod promises Sonu that he will win. Jyoti’s husband gets first round info from the host. Announcement is made asking Mr. Taneja to come on stage with his wife as a judges. He sees Mishra ji also taking part in the contest. Mishra ji says he came because of his wife. Vinod takes Mr. Taneja’s blessings.

Announcer says there will be three rounds, which will be new and the best husband will be chosen. She says for the first round, we will ask questions to wives asking them to tell about their heart talks, and says husband have to understand and tell their feelings. She says that couple will be winner of the first round, but this will be elimination round and only three couple will go in next round. She requests all husbands to go back stage and asks wives to write the answers for the three questions honestly and keep in their respective bowls. She says now we will call the husband and see if their answers matches with that of their wives. She calls Mishra ji and asks him questions. He tells all wrong answers and gets eliminated. He tells that his wife beat him after going home. Papa ji turn comes. Host asks him what is his wife’s favorite color. Papa ji is speechless. She asks what is her favorite destination.

Papa ji doesn’t know. Anju tells kanno that her papa ji doesn’t know about her. They argue. Taneja asks him to answer last question. He answers right. Host asks him to join his wife. Jyoti’s husband turn comes. He answers all right. Host calls Vinod’s next. Vinod thinks what might the answers as Sonu is never sure. Kanno gets worried. Dadi is sure that he will answer rightly. Apsara comes and asks him to use mani and tell answers. Vinod refuses and says if he uses mani then he will not be a perfect husband. Host ask him question about Sonu’s favorite color. Vinod says white. Host says right. She asks about Sonu’s favorite destination. Vinod recalls and tells Shimla. Everyone claps. Host asks how can you be so sure? Vinod says he knows her well. Host asks him last question. She asks who is your wife’s best friend.

Taneja asks the final question and says whoever says the answer rightly, he will win the perfect husband title. He asks question and says asks if water is filled in the boat, you will save whom, wife or mother. Vinod is tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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