Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega…PreeRan Arjun Bijlani-Ada Khan Part5(Last part)

Har Dil Jo Pyar Karega…Every heart that falls in love…Part 5

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Karan,Sarla and Raghuveer came there.They were shocked to see Preeta crying.
Raghuveer:Preeta..why are you crying?
Sarla:Say Preeta…
Preeta gave the photograph to Karan.He was shocked.
Raghuveer-Sarla also saw it with a shock.
Preeta:I did’nt see my sister’s heart.Such a bad sister I am.
Sarla-Raghuveer were in tears.
Sarla:We broke one daughter’s heart for the other daughter’s happiness.
Raghuveer did not know what to say.
Preeta:Ruchika did everything to cure me.But I hurt her so much.Poor girl was silently suffering from pain.
Preeta:Karan…let’s break up.You marry Ruchika.
Karan was shocked:Preeta…can you forget our love that easily?
Preeta felt upset.She could not face Karan.
Preeta:I just want my sister to be happy.That’s it.

Karan:I really admire these 2 sisters.Both are willing to sacrifice their love for each other.But I am not a toy to play with Preeta.I also have feelings.I can’t just kill my feelings and marry anyone like that.
Preeta wept:Please Karan..for me…

Karan’s tears rolled down his cheeks.
Karan:I wish I could fulfil your wish.But I am helpless.I am sorry Preeta.
Preeta was crying:Karan!
Suddenly Raj and Ruchika came.
Seeing everyone in tears they got confused.
Ruchika:What’s happening over here?
All were silent.
Suddenly Ruchika saw the photograph in Sarla’s hand.She became dull as her heart feelings got exposed to all of them.Ruchika took the photograph from Sarla and tore it.
All were stunned.
Ruchika:Because of this all of you don’t get hurt.Because this was my blunder.
Preeta:Ruchika!Why did you hide it from me?
Ruchika:Because I knew that if you come to know this you will think of sacrificing Karan for me.
Karan was amazed to see how Ruchika can read Preeta’s mind.
Ruchika:But I told you that it was my blunder.My true love is…
Ruchika held Raj’s hand:Raj.
All were surprised.
Ruchika:We should marry the person who loves us.No one can love me more than Raj.Even when his heart broke because of me he was trying hard to mend my broken heart.That made me find my true love in him.

All were surprised.

Flash back….

Ruchika took Raj to a decorated restaurant.
Ruchika:How is it?
Raj:Beautiful.Come let’s have food.

Ruchika:Yes.But before that I want to tell you something.
Raj looked at her.
Ruchika:I love you Raj.
Raj was stunned.
Raj:Ruchika,do you know what you are saying?
Ruchika:Yes Raj.Even when I had feelings for Karan I hesitated to tell him “I love you”.
Now I understand why I hesitated to tell him “I love you”.Because my inner mind knew that Karan was not the one for me.But when I realized that I am in love with you I did not hesitate to confess my love to you.Because I genuinely love you.
Raj became emotionally:Ruchika!
Ruchika:You remember ..you told me that your love may make me realize my love for you as you believe in your life?Your words have become true.Your love made me realize how much I also love you.
Raj smiled emotionally.
Ruchika cupped his face in her palms and said looking at his eyes deeply:I love you a lot Raj.
Raj:I love you too a lot Ruchika.
They embraced each other.


Raj:Uncle..aunty…I love Ruchika a lot.I promise that I will always keep her happy.Will you please let me marry her?
Raghuveer-Sarla were so happy that they said:Yes yes.
Raj Ruchika became very happy.

Preeta:I am so happy for you both.
Preeta hugged Raj and Ruchika.
Ruchika looked at Karan:I am sorry Karan.
Karan:Why are you saying sorry Ruchika?I have to apologize to you if I have hurt you unknowingly.
Ruchika:No Karan.You have not hurt me.You have only consoled me when I was worried about Preeta.Your words gave me a lot of relief during those depressing days.
Karan smiled.

Raj-Ruchika also got engaged.

Ruchika:Sorry Raj for not accepting your love when you proposed to me.
Raj:It’s ok Ruchika.The long awaited moments are more beautiful.

Raj embraced her from behind.

Raj:Now I got you after a long wait.So this moment is special.

She smiled.
They embraced each other.

Karan-Preeta smiled seeing their togetherness.
Karan:Now it’s time for games.Let us see if Raj can identify Ruchika without seeing her.
Raj smiled while Ruchika was tensed.
Preeta blindfolded Raj’s eyes.
He walked towards each girl in the row.Finally he reached before Ruchika.He moved closer to her romantically.Ruchika was getting affected the close proximity and his hot breath.

He caressed her face softly.She was lost in his magical touch.

Karan unveiled his eyes.
Everyone clapped hands.
Preeta:Wow ..Raj proved that he is the best for Ruchika.
Ruchika blushed looking at the smiling Raj.

After a few days…

Karan:I am small artiste.My income may not be enough to give you a luxurious life.But i promise you that I will never disappoint you as I have a lot of love stored for you.
Preeta smiled.

Dil dil dil dil deewana deewana
Pyaar pyaar pyaar
Pyaar mein paagal paagal

Karan:But I promise that I will struggle hard to earn a name in the acting field.
Preeta smiled:I have full faith in you and your talent.One day you will be a star.
Karan:Thank you Preeta for believing me.

Dil dil dil dil dil dil dil dil dil deewana
Ho gaya ho gaya ho gaya ho gaya re
Pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar
Pyaar pyaar pyaar mein paagal
Kho gaya kho gaya
Kho gaya kho gaya re

Karan knelt down before Preeta:Preeta…will you marry me?
Preeta:Yes Karan.

Bolo na ab kya karein
Ya to jiyein ya to marein
Bolo na ab kya karein
Ya to jiyein ya to marein
Dil dil dil dil dil
Dil dil dil dil deewana
Ho gaya ho gaya
Ho gaya ho gaya re

Karan slipped a ring onto her finger.

Hansti thi aankhein magar
Rehti thi unmein nami
Sab kuchh mere paas
Tha bas thi tumhaari kami
Aur kya chaahiye zindagi ke liye
Jaanejaan tere siva

Preeta looked at her ring finger with excitement.

She embraced him:I love you very much Karan.
Karan:Love you too Preeta.

Bolo na ab kya karein
Ya to jiyein ya to marein
Bolo na ab kya karein
Ya to jiyein ya to marein
Dil dil dil dil dil dil dil dil dil deewana
Ho gaya ho gaya ho gaya ho gaya re

Karan held her hand and started dancing.

Itni mohabbat karo
Main hosh mein na rahoon
Mar jaoon tere bina
Varna judaai sahoon
Pyaar hi pyaar hai
Dekhta hoon jahan
Kya rang laayi dua

Bolo na ab kya karein
Ya to jiyein ya to marein
Bolo na ab kya karein
Ya to jiyein ya to marein
Dil dil dil dil dil dil
Dil dil dil deewana
Ho gaya ho gaya
Ho gaya ho gaya re
Pyaar pyaar pyaar pyaar
Pyaar pyaar pyaar mein paagal
Kho gaya kho gaya
Kho gaya kho gaya re.(HDJPK).

Karan-Preeta and Raj-Ruchika got married.

After 2 years…

Karan-Preeta got out of the car.All the people were jumping with joy seeing Karan and struggling hard to touch him.Both were here to attend the award function.
They announcement:And the best actor award goes to Karan Luthra.
Preeta embraced him in excitement.

Karan went onto the stage and received the award.He kissed the trophy and Preeta smiled.

Karan:I would love to thank my dearest wife Preeta for my success as she believed in my talent when I was a struggling actor.I would love to share this award with Preeta.
Preeta went onto the stage.He kissed the trophy and handed over it to Preeta.She held it with pride for her husband.

Ruchika was angry as Raj came back from the office late.
Raj smiled:I know how to make my wife’s mood good.
He embraced her from behind

and pecked her cheek.
Slowly she smiled with a sweet blush on her face and embraced him.

The end

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    1. Shesha485

      Then Karan encouraging Preeta to walk, then RajRu all scenes in previous chapter

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    Dress change one…

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      thank u very much.Which 9s ur fav character n fav jodi?

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