Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Amma loses her partial memory


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 8th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rajjo getting upset on Happu. Happu tells that he avoids her fight with Amma. He asks her to bear Amma’s taunts. Rajjo asks him to go and tell Amma, and get her answer. Happu says she will slap me. Rajjo asks then why you are hoping from me. Happu says you are my wife. Rajjo asks if your Amma is not your Amma. Happu asks her to go and not to argue. Rajjo goes angrily. Happu asks who will iron his clothes. Kat tells Hritik that she is busy. Hritik asks her to play cricket with him. Kat refuses. Malaika also refuses. Hritik says even you have to marry like kat. Malaika says she will not marry. Hritik says if you are not a girl. He gets upset and tells that he will not go to school. Kat asks then what you will do? Hritik says I will become a goon, will kidnap my jiju. Kat says you want to kidnap Kaml…and then says my husband. Malaika says he will not do anything. Amma says did you forget that your father is an Inspector. Rajjo comes there and asks what happened? Hritik tells that he wants them to help in practicing cricket, but they have refused and stopped him from becoming Virat Kohli. He tells that if he doesn’t get selected in cricket academy then he will learn all bad things, will do stealing, etc. He says he got a mother, who is always busy and Dadi, who can’t digest the food without fighting and I got cartoon characters like siblings. Rajjo says she will make him practice and takes the bat. Hritik asks her to go outside the gate. Rajjo goes out and asks him to throw the ball. Hritik throws the ball. Rajjo hits the ball and it hits on Amma’s head. Amma faints and falls down. Malaika and Kat run to Amma.

Happu asks goon not to look at him. Resham Pal tells Makwana that he can’t believe that Happu has caught such a big goon. Makwana says that Happu might have done setting with the goon. Happu tells that Makwana used to do this and tells about an incident. Resham pal says a big goon come to our jail, we shall celebrate. Happu gets Rajjo’s call and gets shocked. He tells Resham pal that Amma got fainted as the ball hit her head. The goon laughs and tells that his mother went into coma because of his arrest and says if nothing happens to her then I will make sure to do.

Doctor tells Happu and Rajjo that Amma’s injury is deep, someone took out old enmity on her. Rajjo says she was playing with Hritik and the ball hit on her head. Amma gains consciousness. Happu asks how are you feeling? Amma says she is feeling food. She asks why you are wearing this clothes and asks if fancy dress competition is going on in your college. Happu asks what do you mean? Amma slaps him and tells that she will tell his father to get him a job in the Police. Happu thinks that his father is already dead. Amma says you had told that you will become a police officer and will take bribe. Happu thinks he had told this to his sister 25 years ago. Rajjo comes there and asks what is Amma saying? Amma asks who is she? Rajjo says she is Rajesh. Amma faints. Doctor tells that Amma has lost her memory and she has gone back to 25 years. She says she shall not know that you are married and have 9 kids, else Amma will get a shock and she can go into coma. He asks what is your name? Rajjo says Rajesh. Doctor says you shall not say this.

Chamchi cries and prays that her Dadi gets well soon. She blames Hritik for this. Happu comes there. Ranbir asks how is Dadi, if she is gone? Kat scolds him. Happu tells that Amma’s memory has gone back to 25 years ago. Chamchi says she will not identify me. Happu says she is not identifying me properly. Chamchi asks why mummy has taken out enmity with Dadi. Hritik tells about the ball’s position. Happu says this is happening because of you. He asks Rajjo to become Servant and asks the kids to become Servant’s kids. He gives names to Hritik, Ranbir and Chamchi. Kat asks what to become? Happu says my friends. Rajjo is in shock and asks if my face matches with Servant. Happu says you are my Rani.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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