Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 5th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Rajjo shocks Happu with her heeled sandals

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 5th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Beni writing poetry day dreaming of marriage with Vimlesh. Happu comes there and asks beni to get up. He checks their heights once beni gets up. Happu drinks. Beni asks what happened? Happu says he feels that Rajjo wanted a tall husband since her childhood, but his height is less than her. He tells that if they take pic then it won’t look good. Beni suggests him to get heeled shoes, so that he looks taller than her. Later in the night, Happu measures her height and thinks she is 4’2 ft, but then she moves her legs. He thinks she is 4’2 till her knees. Rajjo wakes up and asks why do you measure me daily. Happu says tomorrow her dress will be delivered. Rajjo gets up and asks him to check it for once and all. Happu measures her height and she is really 5’6. He thinks to get heeled shoes.

Kat is walking on the road, when her dupatta flies away and gets stuck on the tree. Kamlesh says he will jump and pick her dupatta. Kat says you are not tall. Kamlesh says he will jump high and will get her dupatta. He asks her to stand on the side. Kat says I understand that you are not taller and says if tallest has been here, then he would have taken my dupatta. Kamlesh asks her not to take his name and says now the matter is of my respect. He tries to get the dupatta and falls down. Tallest comes there. Kat asks if he is fine. She asks Tallest to get her dupatta/stole. Tallest takes out her dupatta. Kamlesh tells that if he had not come then he would have taken it out. Tallest hangs Kamlesh’s key on to the tree and asks him to jump and take it out. He takes kat with him to the college. Kamlesh climbs on something and gets the keys. He thinks he would have taken it out this way.

Happu comes home and asks if he is looking changed? Hritik says your eyes are looking different. Ranbir also points silly things. Chamchi says your hair is uneven. Happu says you didn’t see me properly and asks them to go. Amma comes there and sits on the swing. Happu asks her to look at him, but Amma is busy looking in her mobile. Happu fixes the light bulb and asks Amma to look at him for the changes. Amma finds no change in him. Happu goes to the room and asks the triplets to pee on him. He says you people can’t make my face wet today. Rajjo comes there and asks what is the matter? Happu stands beside her and finds her taller than him. He thinks he got heeled shoes made, then how come she is taller than him. Rajjo asks what are you thinking? Happu says why you are looking taller in day time. Rajjo says she is wearing heels and shows her sandals. He asks why did she wear? Rajjo says she wants to win in the competition and tells that the guy is coming to check their heights and do the paper work. She says see how is she going and walks…Happu is tensed and upset. He thinks what to do.

Kamlesh comes to a road side desi dawa khana and tells that he wants to get tall to impress his girlfriend. The fake baba gives him medicine and demands 1000 Rs. Kamlesh gives 900 Rs and says he will give 100 when his height increases.

Precap: The officer comes to check their height, but Happu goes missing. The officer asks them to come to his office if they want to participate. Rajjo tells Amma that Happu got her insulted.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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