Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajjo apologizes to Amma


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 5th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vimlesh showing someone’s pic to Amma in her mobile. Amma says shameless. Happu tells Rajjo that he got a good sleep last night and asks her to give it today. Rajjo says no, work is done. Amma asks if she is taking revenge from you. Happu says you don’t understand her emotions. Amma calls him wife’s slave. Resham Pal calls Happu and says he will come late to the PS today. Happu asks why? Resham Pal says I had told you that my brother in law needs money and I got half money yesterday and need 4 lakhs more. Happu says he has 4 lakhs Rs. Resham Pal says mistake shall not happen. Happu says I will bring the money. Resham thanks him and asks him to reach there.

Hritik, Chamchi and Ranbir think Master ji will fail them now. Teacher asks if they have paid the trip money. They tell that they can’t pay, as the money was stolen from their house. Teacher says how can theft happen in police officer’s house. Chamchi says our Papa is namesake Police officer. Teacher asks them to understand their situation. Hritik asks what we can do.

Amma asks Dada ji if she walk in sleep. Dada ji says no. Happu comes there and calls Rajjo. Rajjo asks him to take a long breath. Happu asks Amma to tell where she has kept the money. Dada ji asks her to slap him. Amma says it is my mistake. Rajjo says it is mistake done in sleep. Happu asks did you support Amma. Manohar comes there and calls Happu. Kamlesh also comes there. Manohar tells about the theft in their neighborhood. He says after watching the CCTV footage, he found that there is an old lady who steals in the house. Kamlesh says he didn’t see any old woman, but saw old man Grand Pa. Rajjo asks Kamlesh to go. Beni sends him out. Happu asks Manohar if he saw the CCTV footage. Manohar says it is in PS. Happu says he will go there and asks him to do enquiry here. He asks Amma to stress her mind and don’t sleep.

Happu is going to the PS. Beni stops him. Happu says Amma took law in her hands. Beni thinks Chachi is innocent, forgive me my friend.

Happu asks what happened? Beni says I am feeling bad that I couldn’t help you. Happu says he is going to PS and will delete the footage.

Vimlesh and Rajjo collide with each other. Rajjo asks if you are blind. She says Amma is trapped because of me and feels bad. Vimlesh asks what will you do? Rajjo says I will tell her truth. Vimlesh says if you open your mouth then you will be out. She says they will not understand you, Amma will play your band and jiju will not talk to you. Rajjo says Amma loves me a lot and says I can’t let anything wrong happen to her and is going. Vimlesh asks her to sit quietly. Happu asks where is the control room and goes to check the footage. Resham Pal comes there and asks where is the money? Happu says money is stolen again. He says it is stolen by my Amma. Resham Pal asks professionally or just habitual. Happu says in sleep walk. Resham Pal says I got stuck in your trap. Manohar comes there and says Kallu has identified that woman. He says if that footage comes out then….says it is a matter of your home, Commissioner Saheb. Resham Pal says I understand as Happu’s Amma is like my family. Manohar says I didn’t believe Kallu, but she is your saas in the footage. Resham Pal gets shocked and says she went to steal for her son. He asks Happu to delete the footage else he is suspended. Happu says I will delete it for your mother in law.

Amma thinks she will go to jail surely. Rajjo says nothing will happen. Amma asks her to bring the tonic from under her bed. Rajjo says I had stolen money actually for Papa and took your name in a hurry. Vimlesh says it was my idea. Happu comes and hears, and scolds them for trapping innocent Amma. He says money was stolen by Resham Pal’s mother in law in the neighborhood. Amma says I was thinking how I can walk in sleep. Beni apologizes for hiding this truth from him. Happu scolds him. beni says Vimlesh had given me swear and threatened to leave the house. I was quiet because of them. Vimlesh says sorry. Rajjo says I wanted to help Papa, but you was trapped. Gabbar comes there and falls down while walking. Rajjo says I don’t have any money. Gabbar says I came to give good news, says he has won in the race and returns money to Rajjo. Rajjo takes the money and apologizes to Amma. She says she will break her head. Amma asks then who will make food. She says just like you helped gabbar, I helped Atbeer, even if we don’t get the money returned, we shall help our loved ones. The kids come and tell that they are not going for the trip. Happu asks them to go for picnic and says money is arranged.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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