Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 28th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Rajjo gets upset with Amma

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 28th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dada ji asking Amma if she is really going to Ashram. Amma says she has decided and that’s why gave away her necklace to bahu. Dada ji says why did you give, it used to suit you a lot. Amma says I had worn it much. She says she is drinking for the last time and drinks wine. She says jai baba Mokshanand. Hritik asks Chamchi to switch off the lights. She switches off the lights and hears someone cry. He asks if she is crying? Chamchi says no, and says cat must have entered room. Hritik switches off the lights and hears her crying again. They see Chamchi crying. Ranbir says this cat is known. Chamchi asks didn’t you both feel like crying, as Dadi is leaving. Hritik says we are feeling from inside. Ranbir says we are not expressing our sadness though. Chamchi asks them to express. Hritik says you couldn’t identify that Dadi will not stop if we ask her. Chamchi says she can’t live without Dadi. Hritik asks her to cry. She asks him to give an idea. Hritik says he feels that Dadi will stop if Beni uncle stops. Chamchi says we shall stop Beni uncle. Amma knocks on the door and wakes up Rajjo. Rajjo opens the door and asks Amma what happened? She wakes up Happu. Amma tells that she came to take the necklace as Dada ji likes it. She says she will give her jhumkas instead of necklace. Rajjo gives necklace to Amma and takes the jhumkas. Amma says good night and goes.

In the morning, Kat makes Kamlesh drink tea slowly. Kamlesh says he is enjoying drinking. She says she will not let him feel that he is hanging on to the wall. Kamlesh says she is taking care of him. He tells Kat that he wants to relieve himself. Kat asks Malaika to do something. Malaika calls Happu and tells him something. Happu asks what am I listening? Kat says Kamlesh is also a human being. Kamlesh asks him to help him. Happu asks Malaika and Kat to go inside and bring newspaper to keep on the floor. Kamlesh relieves himself. Happu asks what did you eat last night? Amma wears the necklace and shows to Dada ji. Dada ji says he wants to marry her again. Amma says you are hanging on the wall and talking all this. Dada ji laughs and says bahu is good to return the necklace. Amma tells that she gave jhumkas to her, which he bought for her. Dada ji says it was my favorite and says you can wear it in Ashram too, and dance for me. Amma gets thinking.

Happu is laughing seeing joke on mobile. Hritik, Ranbir and Chamchi come there and scold him for laughing. Ranbir says you shall be sad as your mother is leaving. Chamchi says you shall stop Dadi. Happu says he is trying. Hritik asks did you talk to Beni uncle. Happu says actually Beni saw Vimlesh Mausi on bike with someone else. Chamchi and Ranbir feel bad. Hritik says Beni uncle might be shocked. Happu says Vimlesh could have stopped Beni, but…Hritik says we have to think as you can’t do anything. Chamchi cries. Happu thinks he got rakshas kids. Rajjo talks to her Mummy and tells that Amma gave her jhumkas and tells that she will send her selfie now. She is about to take selfie, when Amma comes there and says sorry. Rajjo says my anger went when you gave me jhumkas. Rajjo says you are joking. Amma says it is not looking good on your face. Rajjo says it is nice. Amma says she will give her nose ring and takes jhumkas from her. Rajjo gets upset.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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