Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Happu steals Amma’s necklace for Rajjo

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 27th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with hritik telling Chamchi that he will tell truth to Dadi. Chamchi warns him not to tell Dadi and tries to stop him. They have a fight. Hritik says mummy was happy and had called her friends to show the necklace. Ranbir says yes, but Papa made Dadi wear the necklace. Chamchi says whatever, but the necklace is of Dadi now. Hritik says I will tell Dadi. Chamchi gives her mummy’s promise. Hritik cries and says why did you give mummy’s promise, if you had given Papa or Dadi’s promise then would have broken it. Chamchi says I know your weakness.

Happu calls Kamlesh and asks him to switch on the pump. Kamlesh switches it on. Rajjo asks Kat to give food to Papa. Happu says Kat’s Papa is related to you too. Ranbir talks about the necklace. Amma makes an entry wearing a nice saree and necklace gifted by Happu. Gulabo…song plays…..Chamchi says wow Dadi. You are looking wonderful. Kat says red stick standing in the hall. Amma asks Rajjo to see the necklace. Rajjo says it is beautiful. Amma asks happu, how does he know that she likes such necklace. She says she will dance today. Happu says storm will come. Amma asks where? Malaika says near you. Amma looks at Rajjo and asks Happu and others to dance with her. They dance while Ranbir sings…Amma gets tired and tells that she danced last when Rajjo went to her mayka. She then asks her not to get upset and see the necklace. She says it is worth 2.5 lakhs and nobody worn such a costly necklace in this locality. Rajjo says it is just 1.5 lakhs. Amma tells Rajjo that she will give necklace to her for wearing sometimes. Later Rajjo argues and fight with happu, calling Amma as snake. She tells that she wants to cry. Happu asks her to cry, says if Amma is naag then you are squirrel who changes color often. He says I will bring necklace for you also. Rajjo says I want that same necklace for you too. He asks her to smile a bit.

Happu meets Panna sait and tells that he wants similar necklace. Manohar asks why? Happu scolds him. Panna sait asks what kind of necklace you want. Happu says he wants same necklace. Manohar asks are you buying it for your triplets. Happu says they are small and are boys. Happu says he bought it for Rajjo, but gave to Amma. He asks Panna Sait to get similar necklace made.

Panna sait says I will call that jewellery maker. Manohar goes to call him and brings the man. The man says he can’t make it by tomorrow. Panna sait removes cloth from his body and tells that he slipped from stairs yesterday.

Amma calls Rajjo and tells that she got wedding invitation. Chamchi asks who is he? Ranbir says uninvited guest. Amma asks Rajjo what she will wear? Rajjo says she will wear any rope in her neck. Amma says I will ask happu to bring 40k or 50k worth necklace. Rajjo says I feel suffocated, I will wear small chain. Amma is surprised and asks her to take off her saree from her room. Rajjo goes.

Later in the night, Kat brings blanket for Kamlesh and says you are vibrating (shivering) in cold. Kamlesh thanks her and says he will feel hot now. Kat says she will bring coffee for him. Kamlesh thanks her and returns plate. Malaika says you came again here. Kat says she came to give blanket to him. Malaika says if someone sees you here with him then will doubt you. Kat says he was shivering. Kamlesh says what is a big deal. Malaika takes the blanket from Kamlesh and slaps him, asking him to become macho man. Kat asks her to return the blanket. Malaika refuses. Kamlesh asks Kat not to fight with her. Kat asks him to light bonfire and goes. Happu comes out and sees Kamlesh awake. He makes his mobile fall down and enters house secretly. Dada ji is sleeping on sofa and looks at happu. Happu steals Amma’s necklace and replaces it with fake one. Dada ji is shocked. Chor chor song plays….

Precap: Happu gives necklace to Rajjo. Amma tells him that her necklace is stolen.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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