Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajjo and Vimlesh negotiate with Kamini


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 23rd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dada ji asking Amma, why is she angry? Amma asks him to see clearly and says the deer has become tigress and is ready to hunt you. Dada ji says I told the truth. Amma asks shall I do your aarti? She says you gave me fake jewellery and asks if your love is also fake. Dada ji says his love is truthful. Rajjo and Vimlesh come there. Dada ji blesses Rajjo to have children. Amma says she already had 9 children. Dada ji says he is habitual to bless her. Rajjo asks Amma why is she drinking much? Amma says your sasur betrayed me, I have to drink. Vimlesh asks her to leave Sasur ji. Dada ji says bahu is sanskari to ask you to leave me. Amma says she is asking me to divorce you and says divorce. Dada ji says it is not applicable there. Rajjo says we thought of something to get money. Vimlesh says they decided to get their father married. Rajjo says Kamini wanted to marry him, so she decided to get him married for money. Amma praises them. Rajjo gets his call. Gabbar says he talked to Kamini clearly. Rajjo asks if the alliance is fixed. He says Kamini refused on my face. Vimlesh says we will have a meeting with her. Gabbar says I will not have any respect if marries forcibly. Rajjo asks him to roam around her like a spinner and she will agree. Gabbar thinks she is insulting him.

Happu tells Rajjo that Resham Pal gave him suitcase of money and it is all stolen. Rajjo says why this thing is happening with us. Happu says now I have to return Resham Pal’s money and also Museum money. Rajjo says I have thought of an idea and is selling Papa. Happu says he can get only 1.25 paise. Rajjo says a lady is madly in love with Papa and we thought to get him married and get money from him. Happu asks her to talk wisely with her. Rajjo says she has kept meeting with her and hopes everything will be fine.

Ranbir asks Chamchi not to have any hopes from him. Hritik says we shall not mess up with other students. A senior guy comes and asks Chamchi to stick to the wall. Chamchi counter attacks on him. Hritik asks him to leave, and then tries to leave. The guy says sister is lizard and brothers are rat. Chamchi asks Hritik to beat him, but the guy beats him instead. Principal comes there. Hritik and the guy pretend to be hugging. Principal asks if you don’t have any other work. The guy says they are friends. Principal says I have watched you from far, he has pushed Hritik. Chamchi asks him to have popcorn. Principal asks them to go to their classrooms.

Happu thinks how the goon came to know about the bag. The thief inside the lock up tells Happu that he is worried for him and offers help. Happu asks about their racket. The thief says we plan together. Happu asks can you find out the thief, if I leave you. The thief says I will find out. Happu thinks to leave him.

Malaika, Kat and Kamlesh are outside the ATM. Kamlesh and Malaika go inside the ATM to steal the Machine. A guy comes there. Kat stops him and asks him to show his ID. He shows his driving licence. She asks for another ID. He asks why she is stopping him. Kat says she got the job to check the IDs by govt. The guy goes to get his another ID. Malaika and Kamlesh come out. Malaika says he is useless, don’t remember the password and was typing star in the laptop.

Manohar asks happu to give him sweets and says he has enquired about the master mind of the theft who had stolen Resham Pal’s underwears. He says he is the same thief who was in the lock up. Happu is shocked.

Kamini asks Gabbar, why did he come when she refused for marriage. Rajjo says we had thought initially that people will laugh if he gets married. Vimlesh says we then thought that his happiness lies in their happiness. Kamini asks what quality, you have that I shall marry you? Rajjo says he is wife’s slave. Vimlesh says he is a good cook, wipes and mop the floor too. Rajjo says he has business in Switzerland. Kamini says I will think about it. Rajjo asks her to agree and says we shall talk about dowry. Gabbar says he don’t need anything, but hear them. Vimlesh asks for 65 Lakhs to marry Gabbar. Kamini asks to marry this old skeleton. Gabbar says you wanted to marry me. She says I got some mind and searched a good guy for myself. A guy comes and keeps the tea tray. Kamini says this is the guy whom I have trained in house work.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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