Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Ranbir learns truth about Rajjo’s pregnancy

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 20th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rajjo beating Happu for her pregnancy. Happu says think it as a God’s prasad. Rajjo gets worried and beats him further. She says how will I hide my stomach? He sees Amma standing outside the door and diverts the topic, asks her to pack the tiffin and give to him. Amma thinks they saw me standing outside and thinks to find out what they were planning to hide. She goes. Happu thinks it is good that Amma went. Amma tastes the tamarind and likes it. She thinks to test Rajjo’s pregnancy test as a pregnant lady can leave her husband, but not tamarind. She keeps it and goes. Rajjo comes there and gets happy seeing it. She understands that Amma kept it to test her. Amma thinks once I see you eating it, then I will scold you. Rajjo takes tamarind in her hand. Hritik comes to Amma and asks if she is playing hide and seek game. Rajjo gets alerted and asks Amma why did she leave tamarind here? Hritik jokes. Rajjo asks why you kept it here. Amma says I thought you will eat surely and asks her to eat. Rajjo asks why will I eat, if I am pregnant? She asks if you are pregnant? Amma scolds her for misbehaving with her. Rajjo says pita ji comes to meet you daily and asks how to trust? Amma gets upset.

Happu thinks don’t know why Rajjo gives birth to triplets again and again. Manohar comes there and asks to return his 300. Happu says I will give and tells that he is in tension about 12 kids. Manohar asks when did this happen? Happu says soon it will be in 9 months. Manohar says it is a miracle and tells that the children bring their own destiny and you will have money. Resham Pal comes there and tells that he got his promotion and now his salary is doubled. Happu says I knew that you will get impressed with my honesty. Resham Pal says he promoted him and doubled his salary, so that he doesn’t take bribe. Manohar gives the credit to Happu’s upcoming babies. Resham Pal asks Manohar, how many legal kids he has. Manohar says 2. Resham Pal appreciates him and says you will be promoted inplace of Happu. Happu says this is injustice. Resham Pal gives the promotion letter to Manohar and gives lecture to Happu.

Kamlesh drops Kat and gives her a flying kiss. Kat’s friend comes there and hugs her. Kat gets happy, but kamlesh gets jealous and asks her not to wear modern outfit and wear salwar kameez from tomorrow. Kat gets upset with him. Hritik, Ranbir and Chamchi look on. They taunt Kamlesh. Hritik says he will tell his parents about them. Kat asks them not to tell them. The kids ask them to fulfill their demands which they will message them. Kamlesh gets their demand on his phone and gets tensed.

Amma tries to know about Rajjo’s pregnancy and thinks if she is pregnant then she will not lift this heavy buckets and the truth will be out. She calls Rajjo and asks her to lift the buckets as she wants to take bath. Rajjo refuses to lift the bucket. Amma says I know that you will not lift it. Rajjo asks why? Amma says you are pregnant. Rajjo says you didn’t lift any bucket so are you pregnant. Amma asks why you don’t want to lift it and asks if she has mehendi on her hand. Rajjo shows mehendi on her hand and tells that she wants to go to her friend’s mother in law’s marriage. She asks Amma if she wants to remarry? Amma says your sasur is sitting here and you are talking about all this. Rajjo says my destiny is not that good and sings song. Amma determines to find out the truth.

Kamlesh waits for Kat and thinks since she became beautiful, she is showing attitude. Kat comes there wearing salwar kameez. Kamlesh asks why she became like cowdung. Kat cries. Malaika comes there and beats him. The kids ask Malaika not to beat him and ask him if he brought the things which they listed. He gives the stuff to them.

Happu thinks romance got heavy. Rajjo tells him that Amma has crossed the limits and shows mehendi on her hand. Happu asks if she is going to marriage. Rajjo says Amma’s marriage. Happu says Amma don’t tell me about her decision. He looks at her mehendi and asks her to apply it again. Rajjo asks him to go to Amma and tell her the truth. Happu says Amma will slap me and then will leave the house. Happu promises her that he will tell her before her tummy size increases. Ranbir hears them and gets shocked.

Precap: Malaika asks Happu about his planning to have 12 children. They think to tell Dadi. Happu says no. The kids demand him to listen to their sayings otherwise.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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