Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Resham Pal and Beni give suggestion to Happu

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The Episode starts with Amma feigning to get chest pain. Happu and Rajjo come to her. Rajjo asks did you drink much? Amma says I didn’t drink today. Happu says that’s why your condition is getting bad. Rajjo says you was fine just 15 mins back and asks if she shall bring lemon water. Amma asks Happu to sit with him. Rajjo says Amma is fine now and ask Happu to be fine. Amma acts to get heart pain and asks Happu to sleep with her. Happu asks Rajjo to bring the mattress and says we will sleep here. Amma asks Rajjo to go and be with the triplets. Rajjo says my triplets will not wake up and says she will sleep here. Amma sends her forcibly. Happu rests on Amma’s stomach. Amma slaps him and asks him to go and sleep on the sofa. She asks him not to move and says she is watching him. Happu sleeps on sofa.

In the morning, Kamlesh gets a flower and hugs Kat. Kat pushes him and says she is angry on him, as girlfriend gets angry on her boyfriend. She says you came 2 mins late. Kamlesh says I came earlier and went to buy flower. She says she wants more gifts being his girlfriend. Kids come there and takes chocolates from his hand. They eat the chocolate and give the leftover wrapper to kamlesh. Kamlesh says you kidos. Malaika comes there and slaps him. She warns him not to think of slapping her siblings. Kat whispers to Kamlesh to show his power to Malaika, being her boyfriend. Kamlesh asks Malaika to move from his way. Malaika slaps Kamlesh. Kat says I hate you and goes inside. Kamlesh thinks Kat is getting angry again and again after becoming girlfriend. He leaves on his bike.

Manohar talks on phone with his wife. Happu comes to PS and asks why is he romancing with his wife on call. Manohar tells that he had watched a TV programme and learnt how not to get old. He finds white hair in Happu’s hair and tells that his age is speeding. Happu says this is the result of not romancing. Resham Pal comes and asks Manohar not to shake. He asks him to open his eyes wide and sees himself in his eyes. Happu asks Resham Pal what vitamin tablet he has taken, tells that he is looking Anil Kapoor. Resham Pal tells that this is due to the romance and says bed changes two times in a year, but age doesn’t change. Happu says he has flown in emotions. Resham Pal advices him to romance to become young. He sees white hair in Happu’s hair. Happu tells that paint fell down on his head.

Amma comes to Rajjo and shows Hritik and Ranbir’s undergarments. She says you had kept it in different almaris. Rajjo says sometimes mistake do happen. Amma tells that she is worried for her and tells that she is looking aged now a days. She tells that if she wants to have more children, then will get aged and unwell. Rajjo says she will take her to doctor and asks her to come. Amma says I am not unwell.

Rajjo calls happu. Happu says all my body parts vibrate when you call me. Rajjo says my neighbor ran away and that’s why she wants to locate him. Happu asks what are you saying? Rajjo tells that she has taken Amma to the doctor and he said that she is fine. She says she has ruined our romance last night and asks if we get aged without romance. Happu asks if she wants to romance. He sends Manohar out. Happu promises to romance with her tonight. Rajjo says I love you and ends the call.

Later in the night, Happu tells Beni that he has a plan to romance with Rajjo. Beni says what I will do? Happu asks him to romance himself, by acting as Bimlesh. Beni asks if he don’t feel pity on him. Happu tells that whenever he tries to go to Rajjo, Amma keeps him busy in some work or other. Beni asks why is she doing this? He asks him to silently go to his room and lock the door. He asks him not to go to Chachi. Happu says even I got this idea and laughs.

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