Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 14th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Hritik and Ranbir spy on Amma

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The Episode starts with Amma telling Beni that she wants to live her life’s last moments with her son and asks if this is wrong? She asks him to make her “will” and says I will tell you what to write. She asks him not to tell anyone that she is going to die. She says she don’t want to make anyone sad and want to leave silently. Beni gets teary eyes and sad. He slaps Vegetable seller and asks him to bring kaddu daily. Hritik and Ranbir are talking. Amma comes and says sorry, tells that she was making list and that’s why got late. Rajjo asks what list. Amma says she will give her list about what to make and gives her list. Rajjo reads the list and tells that she will make this daily. Amma says no and tells that she wants to eat everything today itself. Rajjo says today. Amma says if you don’t want to make then I will order it from hotel. Rajjo says she will make food at home. Ranbir and hritik get happy and tell Amma that she has forgotten non veg. Amma asks Rajjo to make butter chicken. Hritik and Ranbir get happy. Amma asks Rajjo if she had a fight with Happu in night. Rajjo says no. Amma says I saw him sleeping in the lawn. Rajjo says may be he was feeling hot. Amma says yes, he had so much drink with me last night. She asks her to make all the things. Rajjo says she remembers the list. Amma cries.

Happu asks Manohar about Makwana. Manohar tells that Makwana will not come today as he took off and seek leave from Commissioner Saheb. Happu says he didn’t tell me. Manohar asks what happened? Happu says I sat in the lawn yesterday after fight with Rajjo. Manohar asks him to use his experience. Happu says she fights daily with new excuse. Manohar says I have a good idea and asks him to call Rajjo. Happu calls Rajjo and asks what is she doing? Rajjo tells that she is doing the work of a Servant and tells that Amma gave her list of 25 items to be made. She gets angry and ends the call. Happu calls Manohar and scolds him for his idea.

Kamlesh comes to Malaika and Kat that he has decided to study both MBBS and Engineer, but will fail intentionally in MBBS. Malaika asks him to pass and take decision. Kamlesh says then my Papa will have option. Malaika asks him to pass in the entrance exam and then think. Kamlesh says now I have to study double. Malaika asks her to study hard and says bro. Kamlesh asks who called me bro. Kat says not me.

Happu comes home to Beni’s house at night. Beni is in tears and hugs him. He hides his tears and asks didn’t you go home? Happu tells that Rajjo is very upset with Amma and didn’t say anything. Beni says Rajjo shall not say anything to her. Happu asks did you talk to Amma? Beni says this is a cheap thing and says you had drank milk of your mother and shall return her favor. Happu asks what happened? Beni says you have a mother, and that’s why you will not value her. He asks him to ask him, how it feels to be without mother. Happu says you don’t have a wife also. Beni says you don’t feel ashamed. Happu says I will talk to Amma myself that I want to spend time with Rajjo. He goes. Beni says spend more time with her, and then you will realize her value after she is gone.

Hritik and Ranbir see Amma going silently. Hritik gets suspicious and tells Ranbir that they shall spy on her.

Happu comes to his room and apologizes to Rajjo. Rajjo says she don’t want anyone’s apology. Happu says I will talk to Amma not to behave this way with her only bahu. Rajjo asks when? Happu says he will tell her. Rajjo says it is your duty to spend time with me. Happu says it is husband’s duty. Rajjo says you are a betrayal and asks him to make his Amma understand. Happu says I will talk to Amma and asks her to make tea till then. Rajjo asks if he is not ashamed to ask her to make tea, tells that she has made 56 dishes since morning. Happu says I will make tea for you and massages her feet. Rajjo pats on his face.

Amma comes to Pandit and gives him 10000 Rs. Pandit ji says I will tell you the vidhi tomorrow. Amma asks will I get saved? Pandit ji says yes. Amma goes. Hritik asks Ranbir to hear Pandit. Pandit’s assistant asks him if this is right to duped an old lady. Pandit ji says she will live for 100 years. He tells that her son takes bribe and plans to buy AC with the money. Hritik says we shall catch him.

No precap.

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