Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Amma to interrupt Rajjo and Happu’s romance

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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amma doing yoga. Dada ji asks why she is hisses like a snake. Amma says she is doing yoga and asks if he can’t see. He says just 4 breath are remaining and you are ending it as well. Amma says you shall be happy as you call me often. Dada ji says it is difficult to come here and go. He says what to do I can’t stay without you and says he is her old lover. He asks for a kiss. She says you are hanged on the wall and still misbehaving with her. He says I am asking my wife for a kiss. She asks him to have shame. Hritik and Chamchi come there and tell that they are going to school. Chamchi asks with whom she is talking to? Amma says your Dada ji. Hritik says I thought you are talking to whom? Rajjo asks Ayushman why he is waiting. Ayushman says I am waiting for Ranbir as he had bacteria last night and went to bathroom. Rajjo scolds Ranbir and asks what did he eat? Ranbir says what you had made. Hritik asks Rajjo why Papa don’t drop us to school. Rajjo asks him to ask Happu directly. Kamlesh comes and greets Rajjo. Rajjo says I am worried for you and tells that you don’t take God’s name in the morning. He says he will take God’s name during his exams. She asks Kamlesh to drop kids to school. Kamlesh takes them. Dada ji asks Amma to give him a kiss. She gives him flying kiss and smiles. Happu comes and holds Rajjo lovingly Amma sees them from the window. Rajjo says if Amma sees us romancing then will squeeze the lemon. She sees Amma looking at them. Happu tells Rajjo that he will go to Police station. Amma tells Dada ji that she has everything now and not him. He asks her to come to him. She says you will not understand and says I miss you so much. She asks him to go and return after sometime. He says ok and says I love you. Amma gets happy and says I love you too. He goes.

Nargis Mausi comes and scolds beni for doing household work. He asks her to get him married to Vimlesh so that she can handle house work and he will work outside. Mausi asks him to call Kathori. Beni calls Amma. Amma comes and hugs Mausi. She asks how did you come? Mausi says I came by train, but there was so much crowd that I got mad. Beni asks her to come to point. Amma asks what he is whispering in your ears and asks her to slap him. She says she slapped him already and asks about Rajjo. Amma says everything is fine at home. Mausi says if you want your house and family to be fine then don’t let your Happu go near his wife Rajesh. Amma says what are you saying, they are husband and wife and will be together. Mausi says if he goes near her then will go away from your hands. Beni thinks she is talking useless things. She tells Amma that she is not troublesome or interfering lady, but gives suggestion to her friends. Beni thinks he has to work for his own marriage and asks Mausi to come inside. Amma scolds him. Beni asks what is your age? Amma asks him to come and says I will tell you. Mausi scolds beni.

Constable asks Happu how is everyone at home. Happu asks him to talk slowly with a break and not to mix the sentences and takes a breath when moving to next sentence. Constable still talk nonstop. Happu sends him to get tea. Amma calls happu and scolds him for not picking her call fast. He says I picked it fast. She asks him to drop him to temple. Happu asks if you want to ask 10th grand son. Amma says you already have 9 children. He gets Rajesh’s call and tells Amma that commissioner saheb came. He picks the call and tells that he was talking to commissioner. Rajjo tells that she wants to have icecream with him and asks him to come home. She says we will make arrangements of 10th baby after that. Happu gets happy and ends the call. Constable says even he has the same situation at home. Malaika and Kat wait for Kamlesh. Kamlesh comes after dropping kids to school. Kamlesh says he is doing a film. Malaika says she will faint. Kamlesh asks Kat to become a heroine in the film. Kat says this is my child time dream. Malaika asks Kamlesh to come first. Kamlesh asks are you interested. Kat says yes. Malaika says Kat will become heroine and don’t want to study. Kat asks are you jealous. Malaika asks him to take them. Kamlesh says Haryana police breaking rule and having a triple ride. Malaika says first time.

Precap: Amma and Rajjo send Chamchi and hritik to bring Happu.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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