Hamariwali Good News 27th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Mukund doesn’t believe Meera

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The Episode starts with Meera asking Mukund to look at Renuka, she is standing there. She says I m saying the truth, just look there. He turns. Renuka hides. He says there is no one there, come with me. Renuka leaves. Meera runs after Renuka. Doctor talks to Ritvik and Adi. She asks them not to fight in front of Navya, else it will affect her baby. Ritvik and Adi start arguing again. Doctor scolds them and asks them to get out. Ritvik asks Navya to give Bharat to him. Navya gets angry. Adi asks Akki to see Ritvik. Akki says you started all this. Navya and Akki leave. Ritvik and Adi apologize to doctor and leave. Sumitra comes to pick Renuka. Renuka leaves in the car. Meera shouts to stop Renuka. Mukund asks Meera to stop, he can’t lose her. He says Renuka is dead, she can’t come back, if Renuka was alive, then he would have known it first, Renuka was his first love, his life.

Ritvik, Adi, Navya and Akki come home. Ritvik and Adi apologize. Mukund gets Meera home. Navya asks how did you get hurt. Mukund asks them to show reports. Meera smiles seeing the reports. Mukund gets a call. Meera says you were together in sonography right, I will experience this. Mukund scolds Ritvik and Adi for fighting in the hospital, doctor has called to complain about them. Meera says I don’t believe this. Ritvik and Adi argue. Navya says its Ritvik’s mistake, he didn’t care for Bharat, Adi came on time and took Bharat. Akki says its Adi’s mistake also, he shouldn’t help Navya. Adi says I was just taking care of Bharat, Ritvik doesn’t understand this. They argue. Mukund gets angry and throws a vase. Meera cries. Mukund asks them to shut up. She says I can’t do anything, Devika is right. Ritvik asks is Meera fine, what happened. Mukund says no, she isn’t fine, something strange is happening with her, she says that Renuka is alive, she has seen Renuka herself. They all get shocked. Adi asks is mum alive. Navya cries.

Sumitra steps on Renuka’s feet and asks her to come after her. Mukund comes to Meera and pacifies her. He asks her to have medicines. He asks what’s the problem, tell me, how will we end the problem if you don’t share it. She cries. He asks why are you crying. She hugs him. She says I have seen Renuka, her burnt face and hands, I spoke to her, she is alive, its not my imagination, please trust me. Renuka asks what will you make me do. Sumitra says its your punishment, until my revenge gets fulfilled, I promise then you will get Moksh. Meera says this garland shouldn’t be on Renuka’s pic. Mukund says she can’t come back. She says she is alive. He says I will throw this pic out. She says you can’t do this, Renuka is your wife, you both love each other. He says yes, she is my life, if she was alive, then she would have come to me, she would have gone to her children, she loved her children a lot, will she stay hidden from them, you have seen someone else, you got tricked. She says no, I have really seen Renuka.

Mukund sees a shadow and gets shocked. Meera says it means you have also seen her, she was Renuka. He says no, she is not alive, promise me, you won’t take any wrong move until I find out. She promises.

Update Credit to: Amena

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