Hamariwali Good News 22nd October 2020 Written Episode Update: Alok blackmails Mukund

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The Episode starts with Navya trying to talk to Adi. He says its sunday, let me sleep. She says I want to tell him that I m ready for a baby, I will make butter parathas and make this announcement. She opens the cupboard. She sees the bank account savings pass book. She says we have arranged 7 lakhs in 3 years of marriage, its time that we use this money for our baby. She goes. Adi says I didn’t tell anyone that I lost my job. Mukund does exercise. Renuka comes to give prasad, only then Navya will give good news. He asks did you talk to Adi and Navya. She says no, Navya came home at 2am. He says Madhu got her baby, you couldn’t talk to Navya, if jiji doesn’t come home, then I will not leave you, go and talk to Navya.

Renuka says I will talk to Navya, I m troubled by his taunts. She hears Navya asking Adi to start the motor. Renuka sees the motor burnt. She says Navya is stuck in bathroom now. Navya asks Adi to help. Adi goes to see. A man fixes the motor. Renuka says Sumitra asked about your and Navya’s child. Adi says strange, Bua is still stuck there. Renuka says its serious. He says I will go and see tank water. She says leave it, listen to me.

Adi says I will just check the water. He goes. Renuka says he has no time to talk to me. Preeti comes. Renuka asks did Alok come. Alok comes home. He gets a gift for Renuka and greets her. He says I will have breakfast, lunch and dinner here. Preeti gives the bouquet. Renuka asks what’s the need. Preeti says he said he will get it for you and dad. Mukund meets Alok and asks why did you waste money on flowers, its useless. Alok says you will throw my gifted flowers in bin. Mukund says I meant its useless. Preeti says I knew you won’t remember, mum would remember, its special day for you, new saree suits her. Mukund says I don’t like happy birthday and happy anniversary. Renuka says I will make breakfast. Navya comes and wishes them happy anniversary.

Adi comes and greets them. Preeti opens the gift. Renuka likes the gift. She says I always wanted this, thanks. Adi says its Navya’s idea. Navya hugs Renuka. Navya gifts new glasses to Mukund. Mukund says I already have glasses. Navya asks Renuka to make Mukund wear glasses. Renuka says I will make kachoris for Mukund. Alok asks Mukund to wear glasses, he didn’t pay for it. He says you have to listen to me. Mukund wears the new glasses. Navya claps. She says I will go and help Renuka. She says I will do everything, its your anniversary, you go, I will make healthy suji. Renuka says I will not listen to you, I will make kachoris, pudina chutney looks good with it. Navya sees Adi and goes to him. Renuka says I want to talk to you, Sumitra jiji said she won’t come until you give good news. She sees Navya gone. Navya asks Adi to listen, its three years of their marriage… Renuka looks on and thinks she heard me, thank God. Adi asks Navya to make tea for Alok and talk later.

Alok likes Mukund’s shop. He says I helped you with loan and now the shop looks good. Mukund says yes, thanks for the help. He recalls Alok giving him 7 lakhs loan to help him. He insists Mukund to keep the money. Mukund says I will return it soon. Alok says there is no hurry, let Adi work and settle down, I will take money later. Mukund says I will return it, not Adi. Alok says I will take the money, I m a businessman. Mukund looks at him. FB ends. Mukund says I will return your 7 lakhs soon. Alok says I know, I want one crore loan approved by Adi. Mukund asks how shall I tell Adi, I didn’t ask his help. Adi looks on. Alok says if you can’t ask for help, then return my money, you can do anything for your son-in-law, right.

Preeti says mummy has packed the food for us. Alok says then we should leave. Alok asks Mukund to call him. Adi stops Alok. He angrily goes to his room. He signs the cheque. Navya asks him the matter. She asks why are you giving 7 lakhs to Alok, our account will get empty, tell me. Adi says just sign on it. Navya cries and says but our savings. He says there is no time, I know what I m doing. Navya says don’t shout Adi, its our savings. Adi asks will you sign or not. Everyone hears him shouting. She says no, I won’t sign.

Renuka goes to Mukund. He asks her to go home. She asks him to answer. He says I m not scared, you are scared. Navya says you were not scared to take decision alone. Adi says I had to manage dad’s loan or see your selfishness. She asks am I selfish, would I not help dad, what’s wrong, you have not asked me and gave away the savings, we take all decisions together, you could have asked me. Adi thinks how, I lost my job. Renuka asks why did you take loan from Alok. Mukund says its between Alok and me, its my decision. She says yes, I m namesake wife for you, you could have told me once that you need money. He says sure, I have made this house and shop by your money. Adi says I had no other option, there was a reason to not tell you, we aren’t going to plan baby, right. Navya cries.

Renuka says we won’t have respect in Preeti’s inlaws now, if you told me, I would have sold my gold and got money. He says I had to see this day, Navya says you won’t understand me, its no use now. He asks her to say. He says you won’t understand me. She goes. Mukund says Jiji doesn’t want to come, you just wear new sarees and make kachoris. Renuka says I made kachoris for Alok, I spoke to Navya, she spoke to Adi. He asks when will we get good news. She asks shall I write it. He says yes, I will show it written to jiji, if Jiji doesn’t come home on bhiaya dooj, then I will do what you didn’t think of.

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