Hamariwali Good News 22nd June 2021 Written Episode Update: Adi agrees to marry Akki

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The Episode starts with Devika hurting Meera and pulling her ear. She scolds Meera. She asks her not to spoil Akki’s life. She goes. Meera cries and recalls her words. Ritvik is hurt. Navya says you are hurt because of Akki, really sorry, I didn’t tell you about Akki’s pregnancy, Meera made me swear. He says no need to apologize, I know you have tolerated a lot for me, I m sorry, you are strong, you handled everything well. He hugs her.

Mukund comes to Meera. He says I can’t stay in the same room with the lizard, I m not scared of it. She scares him of the lizard. He screams. She says the lizard ran out of the room. He says see, it got scared of me, I don’t feel scared, I just hate it, I don’t like going to the room if there is a lizard. She says fine, its gone now, sleep. He says you look sad. She says I m worried for Akki, you don’t know what she did. He asks what did she do, tell me. She thinks if he helps me, then Devika will scold him. She says nothing. He says you are suffering because of me, I came in your life and all this happened. She says no, I don’t know what I will do now. He says I know you will make everything fine. She thinks he trusts me, Devika breaks me down always, I won’t let his trust break. Akki thinks of Meera’s words. She knocks the door and asks someone to help.

Meera comes to help Akki. She finds the door locked. She gets a screwdriver to open the door. She thinks of some other way. She gets a ladder and climbs to Akki’s window. She asks Akki to come out. Devika comes to wake up Akki in the morning. She doesn’t see Akki. She says where can Akki go. She sees the window open. She angrily goes and makes the tea fall over Navya and Mukund’s hands. Ritvik asks what are you doing, you burnt their hands. Devika says this is my house, tell me where is Akki and Meera, where did Meera take her. Mukund asks isn’t Meera home. She says you can’t fool me. She scolds Mukund.

She says Mukund wants Adi and Akki to get married. They get shocked. Meera makes Akki ready as the bride. She says I had told you, I will get a better lahenga than Navya for you. Akki thanks her. Ritvik calls Meera and asks where are you, what’s happening. Meera asks him to connect his phone to a tv. Devika gets angry and says this marriage can’t happen, come back home with Akki. Meera says don’t get angry, this marriage has to happen, sorry. Devika gets shocked seeing Akki as the bride. Meera disconnects. Devika calls back. She gets number off.

Mukund asks Devika what will she do now, he doesn’t care if marriage happens or not, Adi is dead for him. He says Adi and Akki are staying together since much time, what’s wrong if they marry, how will Akki raise the child alone, your family will be defamed. Devika asks him to shut up. She asks how can Adi keep Akki happy, I know Meera is getting Akki married to that loser because of your word. He says stop it, I will stop Akki and Adi’s marriage, I promise to get Akki home, are you happy now. Pandit asks Meera to get bride in the mandap. Adi comes there. Akki smiles and runs to hug him. She asks what did Meera say that you got ready to marry me. He says I can’t live without you. She says you love me, not the money, right. He nods. He sees Meera.

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