Hamariwali Good News 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Meera is proved innocent

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The Episode starts with Meera saying its wrong, Jiju was like dad for me, how can you think so cheap about your sister. Devika says you are not my sister, you are my enemy, you ruined my life, I didn’t get my husband’s love till now. Meera says its a lie. She asks Mukund to trust her. She says Ritvik, you know me, I m saying the truth, do you know I can do this, tell me. Devika and Meera cry. Ritvik reads the love letter of his dad for Meera. He says this isn’t the truth, right. Mukund reads the letter. Ritvik asks is this truth, tell me. Meera checks it. Devika thinks I will see how you save yourself now. Meera says this is not the truth, trust me, I couldn’t think of that, he was just my Jiju, I never thought so. Mukund goes. He comes back with a glass of water. Meera cries.

He asks her to have water. He says you don’t need to clarify, when its about your character, I trust you completely, I know you are not lying. Akki checks a cupboard. Mukund wipes Meera’s tears. Adi, Ritvik and Navya smile. Devika gets angry. Navya says I also trust Meera. Devika says you got mad, the proof is here, you don’t care, I do care, me and my children have lost a lot. Akki checks and gets a diary. Ritvik goes to Meera. Devika says you trust me at least. He says sorry, I don’t know you well, but I know Meera well, I trust her, she can’t do this. He asks what’s her mistake for dad’s feelings. Akki says exactly, I have a proof that Meera is innocent.

She gets her dad’s diary, She says when I left the house, I had stolen his diary, I used to read it when I missed him, its written clearly that dad loved you, not Meera, your breakup happened because of you, dad went in depression, if Adi and I were not in jail, then I would have not met you, he didn’t mention about Meera. Devika writes. Akki says person writes the truth in his personal diary. Ritvik asks Devika why did she blame Meera. Devika says I m saying the truth, he left me for Meera’s sake, you mean the letter I have shown is right, this diary is true. She goes.

Mukund comes to Meera. He says I know you can’t cheat anyone. She thanks him. She goes to Devika and calms her down. Devika shouts. Ritvik asks what’s her mistake in this. Devika says I will leave this house, you all stay happy, everything is of Meera, don’t stop me. She leaves in the car. Meera says she is very angry, stop her. Ritvik tries to stop Devika. Devika takes the car back and hits it. She gets hurt. Ritvik asks Devika to open the door. Devika asks him to go. Everyone worries. Meera runs and stands in front of the car. Devika races the car. She applies brakes and stops near Meera. She asks them to let her die. Devika faints down. Meera worries.

Ritvik and Navya take care of Devika. Meera asks them to go, she will sit with her. He says its okay. She says no, I will handle it. She cries and says Devika is like my mum and dad, I love you a lot, I can never think of cheating you. Devika opens eyes. She sees Meera. Meera cries. Devika gets angry and asks her to leave. Meera says Jiju just loves you, he wrote it in the diary. Devika says he used to compare me with you, what’s the answer now. Meera says fine, if you think your marriage broke because of me, then kill me. Devika takes the knife in her hand and gets angry. Meera worries.

Akki asks Adi not to cry, get fine, then everything will get fine. Adi thinks. Ritvik says we will promise that we will never hide anything, we will sort our fights before we sleep at night. Navya says I promise, I don’t want our baby.

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