Hamariwali Good News 10th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Meera returns home

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The Episode starts with Mukund asking what’s your problem, you look worried, you went to meet Devika, did Devika say you something. Meera says I just want to keep my marriage vows, will you give me your wife’s rights. He holds her hand and says I promise to always support you, I will stand by your decision. She cries happily. She thanks him. She thinks I will end all the problems from your life and go away. Devika comes home with gifts. She insults Adi. Akki stops her. She says Adi is my husband. Devika says he is handicapped, is he acting, I m just confirming it. Akki asks her to go. She throws money in front of Adi. Akki asks her to stop it. Devika says if you don’t want to stay here, then I bought a new house in Agra, Tiwari house, Akki you can go and stay there, Adi can’t stay there. Akki says no way, I won’t leave Adi. Devika says don’t be mad, you have entire life to see.

Mukund and Meera come. Meera asks Devika to leave Akki’s hand. Devika asks didn’t you tell them that Parmars give gifts to relatives when they buy a new property. Mukund gets angry. Meera thanks her for sweets and asks her to leave. Devika says I will leave. She scolds Adi and goes. Adi cries. Akki wipes his tears. She takes care of him. She feels pain. Meera says Akki, you sit, I will apply the oil to his feet. Meera takes care of him. Akki thanks Meera. She says I see a hope in Adi, he won’t lose easily. Mukund looks on.

Navya talks to servant. She goes to Ritvik. She asks for money. He asks her to take money from locker, its her house, her money. He goes. She takes money. She gets Bharat’s file. Ritvik comes back. He worries seeing the file in her hand. Navya says no, when I have no relation with Bharat, I have no relation with him. He thinks I wish you read it, you would know what is Meera doing for us. Meera asks Mukund to get ready, she planned a surprise for everyone. He asks what surprise. She asks him not to ask anything. She calls Akki and Adi. She asks them to get ready, there is a surprise, they are going, she will blindfold them and take them. Akki says you go, I want to stay back with Adi. Meera says we will go there together. Mukund refuses. Meera insists. She blindfolds them and takes them to Devika’s house. Mukund says I won’t stay here. Meera says you have to support me. Meera asks Devika to welcome them. She says this is my surprise, we will stay here as one big family. Devika says I knew you will miss these luxuries in that poor house, get out. Mukund says we are going.

Meera says I m telling you that me and my family will stay here, I m not asking your permission. Devika says I will get you all thrown out. Ritvik says its Meera’s house also. Devika says yes, Meera and Akki can stay here, but not Mukund and Adi. Meera says I can solve this matter, we will stay here, this is my family, we will stay here. She calls Mr. Desai. Desai says Meera has filed a case on you, she has equal rights on this house and property. Meera says I told you, this time I will not run away, I will fight and win. She asks Mukund do you trust me, will you support me. Mukund says I don’t know what you are going to do, but I will support you this time. Devika says I won’t be scared of the legal papers, I won’t give any rights on property to Meera. She scolds Desai and asks him to go. She asks Meera to leave. Meera says we are not going. She asks Devika to read papers. Desai shows the stay orders from the court. She says you can’t stop me and my family from staying here. She thanks Desai. He goes. She asks servants to get her bags. Adi sees Navya. Devika makes fun of Mukund. Mukund gets angry.

Devika insults Mukund. Navya looks on. Meera holds Mukund’s hands. Mukund says I understood why husband and wife make promise to support each other. Meera gets emotional. Ritvik says you said right. Meera thanks Mukund. He says I will stand by you always, I liked it when you stood against Devika for your rights. Navya asks Devika why did she scold Mukund. Devika says I was actually scolding Meera, Meera got Mukund back and asked for property share, Mukund will get the blame, people will say that Mukund is making her ask for property. Navya says Mukund has no interest in money and property. Devika says if media knows this, then it will become headlines. Ritvik comes. Devika says Mukund will get defamed by Meera’s greed. Ritvik says no, Meera isn’t greedy, you did something that Meera is reacting like this, tell me what is it. Devika says stop blaming me. He says I trust Meera more. Navya says I don’t trust her, she is using Mukund, he is getting insulted, I won’t let this happen.

Mukund gets a bath. Tap doesn’t get water. He calls out Meera. He says even lights are gone. She goes and checks lights and water. She asks who has cut the lights and water in my room. Ritvik says this never happened before. Devika says its my house, my order will work here. Meera says its my house also. Ritvik asks how can you say this. Meera and Devika argue. Devika says Akki can stay with me, if anything goes wrong, then I can’t see. Akki says sorry, I will bear your tortures but not leave Adi alone. Meera says don’t worry Akki, lights and water can’t be stopped for us. Meera takes a water bucket for Mukund. She says I feel its a love story scene, continue doing this, when you try to make Mukund and me away, we will come close close. Mukund comes and helps Meera. Devika looks at him. He goes.

Its morning, Meera asks Ritvik to go and sleep. He says its an imp presentation. She says best of luck, I m going to fight a big battle. He says all the best. She goes. Navya goes to switch on lights in Mukund’s room. Devika stops her. Navya says Bharat is suffering in elders’ fight. Devika says I know, Meera is asking for everyone’s rights, which I won’t give her, don’t worry, Mukund is taking care of Bharat. Mukund consoles Bharat. Akki says I will get milk. He says I can do it myself. Navya says promise me, Bharat won’t be harmed. Devika says of course, trust me, I won’t let anything happen to him. Mukund goes to boil the milk. He doesn’t get gas supply in the stove. He puts the vessel in the oven. The oven gets damaged. The short circuit fails the power in the house. Ritvik sees his laptop not working. He worries for the presentation. Devika scolds Mukund. She says Ritvik’s imp presentation got ruined, even kids know that we don’t put steel utensils in microwave. Mukund apologizes. Meera comes and defends him. Navya defends Devika.

She asks Mukund where is his esteem, why is he letting others insult him, he should leave. Ritvik stops her. Navya says Mukund doesn’t need to stay here as Ghar jamai. Mukund gets sad. Meera says don’t tell anything to him. Ritvik says my hardwork is lost. Mukund says your files will be saved somewhere. Ritvik says all files got corrupt, I tried everything. Mukund offers help. Ritvik says thanks, but we don’t have much time, me and my team did research on continental spices, our international client would have given this contract to us. Mukund says you just tell me whatever you remember, I will help you. Navya says please go to your room, let Ritvik find a solution. Devika says you don’t know the meaning of PPT. Meera says enough, it happened because of you, if you didn’t cut the gas supply, then Mukund would have not used the microwave, you want to trouble us and make me leave the house, you are playing this game and blaming him. Devika says no, this is my house, I will do what I want. Meera gives the court orders. She says I was with lawyer, if me and my family have any physical discomfort, then it will be regarded contempt of court, you may go to jail.

Meera apologizes to Mukund. He says I was thinking to help Ritvik. Navya gets shocked seeing Adi. Adi gets up from his chair. He holds Navya forcibly. She shouts.

Update Credit to: Amena

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