Hamari Sister Didi 9th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 9th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amrita asks Babay why she joined the enemy party. Babay asks her not to get jealous. Amrita says she didn’t embroidred anything for her, and gifted the handkerchief to Karan. A nurse informs Amrita that Dimple is calling her. Dimple informs her that she has to go on a medical camp, and asks if she is going to give an excuse as she took a lot of leaves in the past weeks. Amrita says that it were her pending leaves. Mehr asks how will she manage. Amrita says that she isn’t able to give time to mummy gi. Babay and Mehr both offers to go, but Amrita says she will manage. Babay says to Mehr that every year the best of Muskaan’s doctor go there, why is she going with Dr. Anil this time.

Lalit tells Karan that he can’t spend much of his money, as he isn’t liable to any expense on his security. Karan goes away in frustration. Lalit tells Amrita that she is fast of anger.

Karan tells the secretary, that he will take care of him till he is here. Karan thinks that there will be no irresponsibility with any patient. He comes in again. Amrita tells Karan that he must appoint Mehr on her duty as she is going to a camp. Lalit asks that they place the camp in village every year, and asks Karan if he isn’t going there. Karan says he has work here. Amrita says there is a lot of work too, just they don’t get paid for it. Lalit ji asks to get him there too, for free medicines. She says this camp is for children. Karan leaves saying she is going there for picnic.
Veer asks Karan at night, why is he coming here again and again. Karan says he is concerned about Lalit’s security. Veer asks does he have personal relation to him. They have an argument, and Karan leaves.

Amrita comes home, Khushi was practicing dance. Sooraj hides his pizza. Amrita asks him to eat it, and tells Mrs. Kapoor that she is going on medical camp tomorrow. Mrs. Kapoor says that she also has right on children, first she sent him school and now has problem with the pizza. Amrita says that he is just naughty, and doesn’t go to school regularly.

Khushi asks Amrita to wear some stylish clothes for the camp, she says she isn’t going to any fashion-show. Sooraj suggests she must wear jeans, Amrita says Khushi will help her and takes her children inside.

Amrita stood ready on road and wait for Dr. Anil. She tried his number. Karan comes to her. She asks what he is doing. He scrutinize her, and says he thought they are going on medical camp but it seems sister didi is going for some party. She asks about Dr. Anil. Karan says that his irony is, he gave a full night duty and now is going to spend a full day with her now, as Dr. Anil is stuck with emergency.

Babay laughed, that she made Dr. Sharma attended a heavy duty yester-night so he couldn’t go on camp. She says she doesn’t like it when Amrita and Karan fights. Dimple thinks they are being childish, and will call Karan.

Karan keeps his cell-phone in car, Amrita says they can’t go on his car as the roads will take it too long to reach there, they must go by scooty. Karan says she must be crazy, but she says he can come by bus then. Dimple tries Karan’s number, but he forgets it in the car Dimple thinks Karan’s car is here in the hospital, she thinks he must be here and tries his number. He watches his cell phone in the car. . Amrita comes in scooty, but Karan says he isn’t going to sit on the thing. She says this is the only thing that can get into anywhere. She tells him about the bus route, he listens to him intently; points his finger on her. She looks away.

Bobby appreciates Babay for sending Dr. Dian. Malika teases her for taking the risks. Dimple shouts that they should feel ashamed. Babay says it is a small thing. She shouts that she is playing pranks on doctors, being intern. She is in probation, and might be out of hospital in one go. She says they come to hospital for gossip, and warns them that Dr. Karan and she isn’t their family and has enough with them all. She goes slapping the door. Mehr fears that Dimple will cause problem. Babay just fears that she doesn’t call Karan back, and thinks about something.

Karan sat on the back seat of scooty, and asked her to drive carefully. He shouted on
bumps. They argued the whole way. Some men pass by making fun of Karan that he is sitting behind a girl. He asks Amrita to stop the bike, and come down. She argues, but he says he will drive.

PRECAP: Amrita shouted at Karan that he was always against her, he always had problem with her profession. He says he stopped Avi, because she wasn’t worth his friend and is still… He stops.

Update Credit to: Sona

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