Hamari Sister Didi 5th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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Khushi says to Amrita that when you fight with someone so much, then later on you become really deep friends. Amrita thinks she had never thought Karan would be an important part of her life, she says yes to Khushi. Mrs. Kapoor comes there, and says good morning to them all. Amrita tells her that her tea is ready and serves her. She tells Mrs. Kapoor that she is now leaving, else she will get late.
In the hospital, Amrita hugs Babay and Mehr. Amrita tells them she has talked to Karan and has sorry as well. She tells Babay that she has now realized Karan is angry but is good at heart. A nurse comes to announce Karan is calling Amrita. Mehr makes Amrita up before she leave.
Amrita calls Karan on terrace, he smiles. She asks did he called her, he comes to her. She asks if he is again thinking about making her go away from hospital. He smiles and says something has happened to him. He feels high blood pressure, and pain in chest. May be it is the problem of heart, he feels that… She says he must get himself tested, why is he taking these symptoms lightly. She was worried that tells Karan to come with her, he drags her towards himself instead. She says he really needs to get the tests, but he says I am in love with you. She stops for a while, turns and asks him to leave her hand. He leaves her, she says if he has any idea what he is saying, this isn’t a joke. He says he isn’t joking, but Amrita says she doesn’t want to hear this rubbish from him; she wants to remind she is the widow of Avinash Kapoor who was his best friend. She says she is his wife, and won’t love anyone other than Avi. He teaches her all the boundaries, where have they gone now; or she should think this was his motive behind coming close to her and her children. Did he think she will start loving him, why would she do so, because he sided her and stayed besides her. He asks if she thinks he is that kind of a man. She asks what kind of a man is he then, does he think what will people think and talk about her. People will get a chance to talk rubbish about her, with this. Karan says he just wanted to… She stops him, and says she considers him a good friend, they are colleagues too; he must never cross this limit from now, please. She leaves the terrace and comes downstairs. Karan stops Amrita, he asks if she thinks he used her children. He will never leave loving her, she asks him to stop it. He says she is always the flag bearer of lovers.

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She says that their love is wrong. He asks is it wrong because she is a widow, she isn’t a backward thinking lady. She says she already has the love of her children, mother in law and Muskaan. She leaves the hospital telling Babay and Mehr that she isn’t feeling well. Karan comes to the reception and asks where she has gone. Mehr says she wasn’t feeling well so she went home. Karan regrets and leaves, Babay notices.
In the cabin, Karan thinks about Amrita and himself. At home, Mrs. Kapoor asks why she returned so soon. Amrita says she didn’t feel well. She comes in her room and thinks about whatever Karan had said to her. Karan wipes his tears in the cabin. Amrita gets food to the table, and was lost. Khushi observes her, she tells Amrita that she got an A grade in her maths test. Amrita says hmm. Khushi asks did she have fight with Karan, Amrita scolds them both. Mrs. Kapoor asks why is she so irritated, did something happen in hospital. Amrita says nothing happened. Mrs. Kapoor says if she doesn’t want to tell, she will ask Karan. Amrita says she need not to ask anyone. She leaves the table, saying she is unwell. She thinks in her room, why he can think about it. She used to love going to Muskaan, but now she will feel uncomfortable to go there because of him. She cries that she already has so many problems in her life.
Karan says what is wrong in loving her, and shouts why he can’t love her. Babay comes to him, he stands up but she asks him to keep sitting. Babay says she understood seeing her face. He asks did she do right to him. Babay says she didn’t do anything to him. He says they all called him emotionless, now he opened up his heart to her and this is what he is getting. If this is love, it is really painful and he has no cure to this pain. Babay smiles and says he has accepted love so soon, he says he doesn’t want to hurt her again and again. Babay says he must think about her, when he is so worried.
Babay says she can love, as she has done to Avi a lot. Karan says he doesn’t want to hurt her anyway, but loves her. Babay says she will need to understand this, she took control of herself with much difficulty and for her children. She will take time to understand his love, she needs him now. He asks should he forget her. Babay asks him not to forget, else she will be left alone. She says he needs to assure her that making new relations won’t take away Avi’s memories from her. He says she is really angry. Babay comes to him again, and says he has to wait. He holds Babay’s hand and asks is it really. Babay kisses him on forehead.

PRECAP: Amrita is worried how she will work in Muskaan now, and face the people who respects her a lot.

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