Hamari Sister Didi 31st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 31st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Khushi and Sooraj along with Malika help Kiara walk. She says it hurts a lot. Sooraj says she has to do it. They all buck her up. She makes an effort, and the kids cheer hugging her when she gets there. Dimple hears this, passing by.
Amrita smiles, that Karan has finished his food. Karan smiles that this is cheating. She says she is nurse, and has to do it. Karan says Lalit ji is her fan, and people won’t have to lose their jobs. Amrita smiles. Dimple comes inside, and asks what kind of noise is this. Khushi says they were helping Kiara. Dimple says this is hospital, the patient needs rest. Dimple scolds them, when Khushi says she isn’t a patient who needs rest, she needs to walk. Dimple asks who asked their help. Kiara says she said so. Dimple asks who gave her permission. Sooraj says his mama gave her the permission, and she must not say this much else their mama will take her class. Dimple says that their mother isn’t anyone that a nurse. They seem to be illiterate, and don’t appear to be Dr. Avinash’s children. Malika intervenes, but Dimple shouts at her too. The children leave.
Mehr waits in the garden with the bag, saying where her brother has been. Veer comes there, says namastay to her. She asks what he is doing here; she has come to meet someone else. Veer says she has come to meet him, the parcel Malika gave her is empty. Mehr opens it, and is shocked to see this. She feels angry about her, and throws the parcel. She asks him not to do any such thing with Malika. Veer stops her. Mehr says he has already shown her a lot, what will he say now. Veer says she is thinking wrong. Mehr says she has an experience of years, she is used to it now. She will live with this. Veer stops her again and says she must sometimes hear to anyone else as well. He kept distance with her not by her condition, he wanted to know about her feelings. Today he can surely say, what he has never said to anyone. I love you , Mehr.

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Sooraj and Khushi come crying and hug Amrita. Khushi tells her that Dimple shouted at them, and tells her everything she had said. Karan hears this too, from behind his curtain. Amrita says she must have said this all mistakenly. Sooraj was also crying. Amrita says that if Dimple has done a mistake, it doesn’t mean they do the mistake too. She promises to talk with Dimple, and tells them to go with Babay and hugs her children.
Dimple was sitting in her car, when Amrita gets her. She asks how dare she talked to her children like this. Dimple was ignorant. Amrita asks how she forgot about her manners. Dimple argues that they were making noise at the hospital. Amrita says they were supporting a patient, who needed it. Amrita says that Avi always taught them to support the patient, and bring smile at their face. Amrita says that when they are wrong, Dimple might scold them but she can’t say a word to them when they are right. She is proud of their brought up. She says sometimes she wonders, was she really Avi’s friend. She is alone, because of her bitterness and she will remain lonely until she is bitter. Amrita goes inside, while Dimple clutches the key in her hand.

Veer says for him, there is no one than her. He holds her hand, and says he loves her. Mehr say it isn’t easy for her, she is incomplete, she is handicapped. Veer says his handicap is that he took so much time to tell her. He shows her a nearby playing child, who has a bruise on forehead. He says love doesn’t see the incompleteness. He loves the Mehr, whose togetherness will complete him. It begins to rain. Mehr says these saying feel good. Veer hands her an anklet, and says she will dance again, will live again. She removes her hand, but he says she will have to; she may take a full life. He is there, the day she puts on this anklet he will be complete.
Mrs. Kapoor is worried why Khushi didn’t come back from tution. Khushi talked outside with a boy. Mrs. Kapoor asks who was this boy. Khushi says this is a friend, and dropped her home. Mrs. Kapoor says she must have called him in, does her mama knows about it. Khushi says it is nothing like this, and runs inside.
Dimple threw everything on floor, in rage. She hates Amrita, who had snatched her power, her position, her love Avinash. She won’t spare her anymore.

PRECAP: Karan wonders who is asking about him in Patiala. He opens the laptop and gets tensed. Amrita tries to find why he got depressed, and reads a post saying Karan Oberoi’s truth- Karan is a murderer.

Update Credit to: Sona

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