Hamari Sister Didi 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The attendant says that he remembers well that he meet Karan in Mumbai. There were alot of people gathered, media and police were also there; he had thought that it was some filmstar but I think that doctor was you. Karan was worried and denies but the man remembers it so well. Karan asks the staff about his watch, the man insists that he left his watch in the patients stomach. Amrita controls the patient, Malika hands the watch to Amrita who shows it to Karan.

Amrita hands the watch to the man. He now makes fun of the cheap watch of Karan, gives it to him and asks Amrita about his brother. Karan goes away in a bad mood.

Amrita comes to Karan in office, and gives his watch to him. Karan shouts that a lot of mad people live here, I was mad to come here. Amrita says that a lot of mad people live here in this city, you can not treat everyone; we could live without you. Karan tells her that he doesnt need her advice, they people have already made him crazy. Amrita turns to say that she isnt also keen to talk to him, she was just performing her job not sleeping like him. He minds it, and tells her that he will go home with her when she takes Mrs. Kapoor home.

Khushi and Sooraj wait for dadi mama. Babay also asks Sooraj to be patient. Karan brings his car in the hospital. Amrita holds Mrs. Kapoor’s bag, she slips in the doorway. Amrita asks is she alright, she looks at her getting rid of her hand and says that she isnt diable and can walk. Karan comes to give her hand.

She heads to door, Amrita follows her. Mrs. Kapoor remember Avi said that he missed her and knew she would definitely come. Karan opens the front door for Amrita, she sits in. He gets the car, and reminds her about the seat belt. At home, the car stops with a jerk. Mrs. Kapoor thinks that Avi had said, she will come to his home one day. Amrita tells Karan she will take care of the bag still he takes it out. Karan taks a leave from Mrs Kapoor and assures him he will come to meet her. Mrs Kapoor recalls Avi had said that she will be left alone one day,with all her hatred; one day she won’t be left with anything but regret. She comes home.

As she enters the house, the kids welcomes her excitedly. She hugs them, while the kids take her to their room. They take her inside, eyes closed to see Welcome Dadi Mama decorated on the wall. Sooraj boasts that he did it all alone, Khushi makes fun of him that he doesnt know the spellings of Welcome. The kids shows Khushi’s baked cake to her, and goes to light the candles. Amrita comes to Mrs. Kapoor and says that she came here to fulfil the love these kids have lost, but this doesnt mean she has forgiven her, she always kept her son away from her. Amrita says that I promise Avi didnt want to tell you about his illness. He said I didn’t want to make her sad. Mrs. Kapoor stops her and says that during the last moments, where the right was mine you were with him. The kids call her, and she goes to them telling Amrita that she came to this home only for them. Amrita watches her loving the kids.

Mrs. Kapoor comes to the door, and stands there. Sooraj holds her hand and takes her to their room. He tells her that this was his bed but now he will sleep with mummy. Khushi tells her to rest, while Mrs. Kapoor says that if she has to study, she must turn the lights off. Amrita comes to ask Sooraj for sleep, he asks to sleep with dadi mama. Mrs. Kapoor says that he will sleep here. Amrita agrees. Dadi mama watches them sleep.

PRECAP: There is an accident case in the hospital. The faces of the guy and girl were badly injured. Karan asks them to be true, while the girl insists them to call sister didi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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