Hamari Sister Didi 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Hamari Sister Didi 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The suspected men come to the hospital. A nurse talks to Malika on phone, if they are busy in ‘wake-up-night’ preparations. The men hear this, and say they will kill Lalit tonight.
Khushi and Sooraj tell their friends that they are going to watch Ravan tonight, with VIP passes. They will sit in the front row. Khushi calls Amrita to tell her that they are going for watching Ravaan. Amrita says there happens to be a lot of crowd there, Khushi tells her they are going by VIP passes. Sooraj tells her that he boasted about it in front of his show-off friends.
Babay and Malika prepares for wake-up night. Amrita comes there, and was tired. Babay asks why is she worried, Amrita says it is mummy ji; she is spending a lot of money on kids, children doesn’t understand this but. Babay says she fears that children will become hers. Amrita says she wants them to be hers, but the children might get spoiled. Vaiju comes to ask Amrita to get some papers signed. She goes there.
Mehr slips in the corridor, Veer holds her. They look into each other’s eyes. She straightens up, and asks what is this. Veer asks he wants to ask the same. Mehr goes saying she doesn’t want to talk about it. He says he wants to know why she remains so annoyed with her. She snatches the tray from his hand, he gets an injury. She gives him the cotton and asks him to remove it. Veer says this won’t lessen his pain. Mehr says one gets used to bearing pain in a few days, and leaves. Veer says if she shares the pain, it might lessen.
Dimple gives Karan the list. He says that they are already short and wants more people here, in fact. Dimple says that Diwali is approaching, they will need bonus, crackers, and party. She can hardly give them salaries of this month, while Karan asks her if she discussed it with the trustees. She says she didn’t. Amrita comes in, and gives Dimple and application of a nurse who wants a two months salary in advance, due to financial problems at home. Dimple denies, Amrita qualifies that she is a senior nurse, who will help her if not them. Dimple asks her not to argue. Amrita says the hospital has been supporting staff, for years. She asks Karan, he says he was about to call her.
The sister comes to inform, Lalit is shouting again. The suspected men stood there. Karan tells a nurse to send two nurses, and inspector Veer to his room.
Mehr caresses Kiara and gives her medicine, promising she will ask her mama to get ice-cream for her. She watches her leg, removing the bed sheet, and is taken aback. Kiara was asleep, Mehr runs into the corridor and looks for Amrita. Amrita comes running, as does Dr. Samar. Veer also runs into the room. They are all shocked to see Kiara’s leg, her mother comes asking what happened to her. Dr. Samar says what they feared, the poison has spread in her leg and they must operate it urgently. He asks to get OT ready.
Everyone complained to Mata Rani, that how will that innocent girl survive. The operation begin. Babay says she is maa, she knows. She will give the courage to bear the pain. Mehr is disturbed, looking at Kiara in OT.
Dimple asks the institution, if government could help; but no one agrees. Karan asks how will they manage it. Dimple says had Lalit cleared his bills, everything would have managed. Karan tells her that he wants to focus on Kiara now.
The suspected men thinks there is no one here, Bobby comes from behind. The men tell him they want to go to wake-up-night. He hush them to be quiet, and takes them along.
Kiara’s mother cries, while everyone stands silent there. Kiara wakes up, and asks why is she crying. Her mama says everything will be alright. Kiara panics, why are they all worried, and not happy. Dr. Samar says she will be perfectly alright, as she is brave. Dr. Samar says that sometimes the spread of poison leaves us doctors with no other choice, he is so sorry. Kiara sits up, and realizes the truth. She removes the bed cover, her leg had been cut off her body. She asks where is her foot, and shouts what have they done. She shouts, that she loved running, they snatched everything from her. Amrita comes to her, but she resists, crying. She tells her to go away. She asks Mehr to make her understand, as she can do it. Mehr goes to her, she pushes her away complaining she had promised to make her fine with medicines. Kiara shouted that she want to die. Mehr shouts back at her ‘That’s it’, she must not shout. She says her life hasn’t ended, and it won’t end. She asks for a minute, and shows her her wooden leg. Veer was shocked to see this too.

PRECAP: Karan scolds everyone, saying he doesn’t bear any of his patient die because Sister Didi forgot her duty, due to her side activities. Amrita listened. He shouts, that they provide money for all the arrangements there.

Update Credit to: Sona

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