Hamari Sister Didi 12th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Amrita and Khushi come back home. Mrs. Kapoor asks Amrita why she is in her uniform, is there any problem. Amrita says there isn’t any problem. Khushi says there is a problem, dadi mummy. She couldn’t trust her. Mrs. Kapoor asks what happened. Amrita says nothing, and tells Khushi to get ready for the party. Khushi says please don’t tease her now. Amrita says she must get ready, else she will have to tell her friends that her mama didn’t allow. Khushi tells her not to be joking, but Amrita assures her that she is serious. She has complete faith on her Khushi. Khushi jumps up, cheers and hugs Amrita. She is worried which dress she will wear now. Amrita asks what now, she has an idea and takes her inside. She brings Khushi blindfolded to the mirror, Khushi feels disgusted and asks what is this. Amrita says she just looks like a doll, Khushi says she doesn’t need to look a doll. Amrita says she went to the first party with Avi in this very dress. Khushi says she isn’t going to 1980’s party, and rejects the idea about party. Amrita says she will just show the magic of hers in the dress. With a scissors and sewing machine, Amrita alters the dress. She asks Khushi to try it, Khushi tells her to leave it but Amrita sends her to try it. Mrs. Kapoor asks what she is doing, Amrita says she was altering the old dress. Amrita laughs with her about herself being Patiala’s designer. Khushi comes dressed up, Mrs. Kapoor says to Amrita that Khushi has grown up. Khushi says she is still a child. Amrita hugs her and tells Khushi to put on the jacket. Khushi says what if she is the only one with the jacket in the party, Mrs. Kapoor appreciates it.
Sooraj brings all his friends home for party. Khushi says she is going to Moira’s party. Sooraj asks what about his friends now. Amrita says they must let Khushi go to the party, they will celebrate the new year. Khushi reminds Amrita she is getting late. Sooraj argues what they will do. Mrs. Kapoor says she will boil the potatoes until Amrita shall drop Khushi. Sooraj tells her not to do anything else.
Amrita and Khushi felt so much cold, on the scooty. Amrita tells her not to drink anything in the party, and not to dance much.
At home, Sooraj and his friends play, ruining all the arrangements. Mrs. Kapoor keeps stopping them, but they don’t listen. She is worried wasn’t a single monkey enough at home. She calls Sooraj to herself.
She says to him if his friends have come to a party for the first time. He says his papa always used to call papa here. His papa used to do a magic show as well. He gets an idea about a magic show.
Karan was in the hospital, thinking Amrita had said there will be no relation between them other than a nurse and a doctor. He gets Sooraj’s call. Sooraj tells him to come to their home, as there is a party at their place. He says no isn’t allowed, as he only knows about his papa’s magic tricks. He will have to do them, as his papa… Mrs. Kapoor says Karan uncle must be busy, but Sooraj says who will do them when papa isn’t here. Karan hears this.
Khushi asks Amrita to stop the scooty as distance away from Moira’s house. Amrita asks what is it about, Khushi tells her to leave her here as she will go from here. Amrita insists, Khushi says everyone is coming in the car. Amrita says it means, that Khushi feels ashamed of the scooter. She says it is just a party. Khushi tells her not to start again. Amrita says she will pick her up from here, she must not go with anyone else. Khushi says ok, she must leave now as Sooraj’s party is pending. A car passes by them with in high speed. Amrita shouts back, and is angry. She goes to talk to them, Khushi keeps on stopping her. Some boys come out of the car, Amrita asks them what is the way to drive. The boy asks who is she to ask, a police. Amrita asks if she must call police to make them understand. A boy from them asks her to chill on New Year celebration and offers to bring soft drink and hard drink. Amrita says they must drive carefully, the boys say the people must walk carefully. Amrita says they are all misbehaving. The boys doesn’t take her seriously, Khushi was hiding her face when a boy says Hi to Khushi. Amrita asks if she knows them, Khushi comes there. A boy from them asks Khushi, if she is her mom. Khushi nods. The boys apologize Amrita at once. Khushi goes away, the boys also run inside. Khushi takes Amrita aside, and tells her to leave. Amrita asks if she is ashamed to talk to her in front of these boys. Khushi says they are her seniors. Amrita asks this is the way seniors are, she won’t let her go inside. Khushi requests her to let her be in the party, Amrita says she isn’t leaving her here. Khushi runs inside, telling Amrita to care about Sooraj.
Karan comes home dressed as magician. He cheers with Sooraj, that there will be a magic show now. Mrs. Kapoor says to Karan, that it is good he came as the kids were all waiting for him. Karan says he is here now.
Amrita was worried, as she comes to the scooty.
Khushi comes to the party. Moira welcomes her. Khushi was a bit formal, but Moira asks her to chill and enjoy the party.
Moira introduces Khushi to her friends. Moira asks Khushi to put this jacket off, she will look more gorgeous. Her friends also say the same, one of them says that winters are out there. Here inside, it is so cozy. Khushi was about to pull off her jacket, when she recalls her mama had forbidden her to pull it off. Khushi says to Moira that she is really feeling cold. Moira asks to get her something to drink; Khushi says she will take coffee. Moira smiles at her friends. They all laugh. Khushi feels awkward. Moira says she will get some hot chocolate, with marsh mellos.
At home, the kids recognize Karan as Dr. Karan. He says he was Dr. Karan, but now he is a magician. He shows them a box, and asks what is this. They say it is a box, he says he will transform it into a box filled with gifts. He do the trick, they all clap. Karan tells a boy that his nose is running, he asks him to show his tongue. He puts a napkin into the basket, then it had vanished. He asks everyone who has it. He says to Sooraj, that he has it. Sooraj says he doesn’t has, Karan touched his ears and says it is here. He makes it appear from the basket again. They boys were left in awe.
The phone bell rings. Karan goes to pick it. Sooraj takes it, saying it must be mama. Amrita asks where is dadi mama. Sooraj says they are all enjoying, showing papa’s magic tricks. Amrita asks when he learnt them, but Sooraj says she must come soon. Amrita is relaxed, that mummy ji has handled it all. Amrita sits somewhere outside, as to take Khushi along her.

PRECAP: Amrita watches Khushi and a girl sit in the car with the boy, who misbehaved with Amrita. They leave in full speed. Khushi asks him to drive slow, but he doesn’t listen to her.They have an accident.

Update Credit to: Sona

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