Hamari Diya hai woo… Bilkul pari jaisi (Episode 20)

The episode starts with Someone failing the brakes of the car and after that he goes from there . Ratan says to Diya to do it fast , we don’t have whole day for checkup . Diya replies one minute only . Ratan says fine , do fast iam waiting. Diya gets ready and says how iam looking . Ratan says beautiful, now can we leave madam . Diya nods yes . They come downstairs and Ratan says to Kaki saa that we are going for Diya’s checkup . They leave in car .
In there way Ratan tries to apply break but he can’t. Ratan panics and thinks what to do . He says to diya , breaks are failed. Diya panics . Ratan says don’t panic , i will manage somehow . Ratan takes his car towards climb area . He then neutral his car gears and then applies hand breaks slowly slowly . Car stops finally. Diya and Ratan get out of car . Diya hugs him amd says thank god we all are safe . Diya says but how you know this trick . Ratan says i think you forgot madam , i am a champion in car race ? and i have learnt all this tricks there only. Ratan calls his servent to pick them in another car and send him location . He says to diya car is coming for us .

They come in hospital and doctors take diya for her checkup . Nurse calls Ratan to come inside doctor is calling you . Ratan comes inside and sits . He ask doctor is anything serious or something. Doctor says relax Thakur saa , everything is fine . Diya and your baby both are safe . You just need to take special care of them as these are initial months of pregnancy and were very critical for them . Ratan says don’t worry about that , they are my first priority. Doctor give him full time table of what diya will eat from now and how much rest she needs . Ratan says i will surely take care of this . They take there leave from there .

They came home back . Kaki saa hugs Diya and says is you fine . I got the news of break failure . Diya says i am fine kaki saa don’t panic much . Kaki saa takes diya upstairs to there room . Ratan phone rings . He attend the call . His bodyguard says to him that we check your car and i think someone is behind this break failure . Ratan says then find out , who is among this . I want him till tomorrow, he ends call . Ratan thinks that who is behind this , it will be his last mistake for sure . He dares to harm diya and my baby , he is gone now .

Precap – Ratan points gun on his kaka saa . Kaka saa afraid amd ask him what is he doing. This is not a toy gun which you use to play with me in childhood. Ratan says exactly this is not a toy gun . This is a real one and if he fire bullet then you will be gone . Now tell me why you want to harm my child . He says i will count till 3 and then…..

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