Hamari Diya hai woo… Bilkul pari jaisi (Episode 17)

The episode starts with with Doctor comes and check Diya . Doctor congrats Ratan and says hukam saa you are going to become dad . Ratan is confused as well as excited ( as he don’t know how to react now ) . CT also congrats him and says now you have a new responsibility. This responsibility is much bigger than to be a king . You should be prepared now for this . Yash hugs him and says I am going to become big brother now . I am so happy . He also wishes Diya .

Doctor says take care of her now , i am leaving. Yash goes with him . Shivani wishes Ratan and diya . Diya is happy as she is going to become mother. CT calls sajan singh and informs them about good news . He gets happy and says we are coming there right now . He ends call and give this news to his family . He says to his wife to do arrangements right now we are just leaving for kesar mahal . Yuvraj says wow i am going to become mama , can’t believe that small kid will call me mamu , i am so excited. He left to see arrangements.

In kesar mahal , Ratan hugs Diya and says when doctor said me about this that time i was confused about how to react on this . I mean few months back I completed my studies, a month ago i got married to you and now i am going to become dad . This is all going on like a dream . Diya says i can understand , it was very difficult for me also . I also feels the same like you felt . But this is a truth that we both are going to become parents. There will a someone who will call us mom dad and trust me that feeling will be our life best feeling. Ratan nods yes . He leaves for some work. Bhuvan in his room thinks , what is happening, i had not even kill Ratan and now his child also going to come in this world . I have to do something otherwise i will loss my rights .

CT comes there and says anger is not good for health. This will effect your Blood pressure . She says by the way why are you angry? Bhuvan says I don’t think i need to tell you everything . Go and bring tea for me. Ct leaves and think i knew it already that why are you angry . But i will not give you even a small chance to harm them . I will become there shield . This child is very important for me . If this child will not come in this world then my plan will get fail and I don’t have habit to fail . She smirks .

Precap – Sajan singh and his family come with some sweets and jewelleries . Maid informs this to Diya. Diya gets happy and runs to meet them . She was running and slips . Everyone looks this and gets shocked .


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