Hamari Bahu Silk 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Pakhi is sure about Naksh’s memory regain

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Rimjhim comes inside complementing Naksh’s acting. Naksh twists Rimjhim’s arm behind. He warns if his family gets a single scratch, he will kill her. She smirks when he has left the room.

Mosmi suggests Mamta to hand Rimjhim to Naksh. Rimjhim is extremely dangerous. They must hand Rimjhim to police. Mamta says she is afraid what if Rimjhim does something wrong, she is crazy in anger. Mosmi feels for Pakhi as she is the one bearing most.

In the room, Rimjhim sat with some photos and says, till she has the proof she is with Naksh. Pakhi was stalking her. Rimjhim was alert and comes to look out of the room. Pakhi was hiding behind a wall. She wonders what it was in Rimjhim’s hand.

Ketan tells Mamta and Mosmi that they must play a video of Naksh’s second marriage with Pakhi. Mamta asks what if Naksh’s condition ruins. Ketan insists the doctor suggested them to try and make small efforts to help him regain memory. Rimjhim stood outside the room and thinks nothing would work, still she must be cautious. Ketan says he has inserted the pen drive, they will play the video as soon as Naksh steps downstairs. When Naksh comes downstairs, the lights go off. Ketan, Mamta and Mosmi regret for their plan failure. Naksh asks Mamta to sit somewhere, he will fix the fuse. Mamta returns back to the room with Ketan and Mosmi. Rimjhim brings lantern to show him the way, but Naksh angrily replies its not needed. He goes towards the fuse box. The three were left quizzical at his behaviors. In the store room, Pakhi brings a torch to Naksh. She says she had to speak to him, and was sure he will be the one to come and fix the fuse. Pakhi says Naksh knows her so well. If he hates her? Naksh replies a lot. Pakhi says hatred is an emotion sensed immediately in the world; but she can’t sense Naksh’s hatred for her. The fuse had been fixed. Pakhi says she is a liar, but Naksh is true one. She goes to get the pious book of the house, Achaar Sehita. She demands Naksh to place a hand over this book and say he hasn’t got his memory back. Naksh thinks to himself this is trouble, he can’t lie over this book and she won’t be able to hear the truth. Naksh place his hand over the book, but gets dizzy and fell on the floor. Pakhi tries to hold him up, then goes asking help from Mosmi. Naksh was awake and silently requests an apology from Pakhi as he was left with no option.
In the room, the doctor says Naksh might be dizzy because they forced some past memories to stress his mind. Pakhi regrets stressing Naksh, as it might have deteriorated his condition. Rimjhim comes to the room asking why they have even kept this Pakhi at home when Naksh doesn’t accept her as his wife. Mamta says they wish Naksh wakes up and sends Rimjhim to police. Rimjhim says alright, they will see when it happens. She tells everyone to leave the room as Naksh has to take rest. Everyone leave the room.

Rimjhim shuts the door. Naksh was awake and tries to sit. Pakhi wonders how Naksh was conscious at once, if he deliberately did this.

Later, Pakhi sat in the room. Mamta comes to Pakhi and says she knows she had taken an advantage through fuse to speak to Naksh. They have all been finding ways to bring Naksh’s memory back, but Pakhi is worried for some other reason as well. Pakhi thinks she herself is confused. Mamta asks Pakhi to join them in Kartik Teej Pooja tomorrow, she must also attend. May be God listens to her. Pakhi says this time, God must listen to her. She has to find out the truth.

The next morning, Pakhi had left the tea boiling. Mosmi comes there and asks if she isn’t coming. Pakhi insists on Mosmi to let her stay back, she wish to spend some time with Naksh. Pakhi shares an idea with Mosmi. In the room, Mamta was determined that Rimjhim won’t accompany them. Mosmi convince that Mamta must show her dislike towards Rimjhim’s pooja, this will intrigue her.

In the room, Mosmi speaks to Rimjhim as an elder sister that she got nothing by her acts. She couldn’t get a right of Naksh’s wife. Rimjhim asks who said so. Mosmi says no matter what, the society will never accept Rimjhim as Naksh’s wife. Today, Pakhi is accompanying them for pooja. Rimjhim was determined to go there. Mosmi says Rimjhim has no worth outside the house till she stands with Mamta.

Rimjhim comes downstairs ready for pooja. Mamta asks where she is going. Ketan had an objection but Rimjhim insists. Naksh happily watches his wedding photo with Pakhi. Pakhi comes to the room with milk for Naksh. She says today, Rimjhim has gone with the family for Pooja. This is what he ever wanted. She is leaving this house forever now. She is convinced he has no place for her in his heart and life. She doesn’t hold a big heart to see him live with someone else. She is taking good memories from the house, and pray he lives happily with Rimjhim. Pakhi cries while she walks out of the room. Naksh stops her. He says he must leave if she has to, but at least till his mother returns. Pakhi says no one will let her leave as they love her. She informed Naksh only because he hates her. She bids him Good Bye and Take care of himself.

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