Hamari Bahu Silk 21st August 2019 Written Episode Update: Pakhi confesses her love for Naksh

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Hamari Bahu Silk 21st August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Naksh comes to the restaurant amidst thunderstorm. He asks why she called him here in such a bad weather. Pakhi speaks in her Silk’s voice, with her back towards Naksh that she wanted to speak to him, there is a storm in her heart as well and she demands a reply to her proposal.

There, Rimjhim was crying. Mosmi wonders what if Pakhi really tells the truth.

Naksh replies that he felt a connection with her voice and liked it, but since he has met Rimjhim he doesn’t feel anything for her. He apologizes for not being able to accept her proposal; he liked her as a friend only. Naksh turns to leave. Silk asks if he would continue to say he can’t find the connection with voice and face. Naksh turns around and was shocked to see Pakhi. Pakhi says he loves her voice, while she loves

him. Naksh was taken aback, and confirms if she. Pakhi says yes she is the voice, does it matter. She showed to him that the voice was Rimjhim; Mosmi told her that Rimjhim suffers from cancer and its her last wish to become his wife. She found it was all a lie, but her intentions were humane. Naksh asks if he isn’t a human, didn’t she feel bad to betray her for once more. Since when she will continue to play with emotions of others. He kicks a chair besides him, and accuses Pakhi plays a game on daily basis. She traded his dream with Baa and promised to bring him back to catering business; what was the reason behind that. Naksh turns to leave. Pakhi runs to hug him from behind. There was heavy rain all at once. Pakhi requests to listen to her, she will tell him the truth. Naksh questions if he can even expect the truth from her. Pakhi apologizes for lying various times, but today she has only told him the truth. Her love for him is the truth. Another truth is, she has a number of liabilities. Her father died, and their uncle snatched their house; they were homeless and had to lie to stay in the house. Only a few days ago, Baa was ousting them from the house and stopped only on a condition that she must bring him to catering business. She accepts that she used her voice for her own will, but then he started to speak his heart out and she fall in love with him. Naksh clutches Pakhi by both arms, he says he loves that voice as it showed him the direction when in despair; he loves the girl with that voice. Pakhi insists she was coming to the restaurant that day to tell him the truth; she changed her voice to show him a direction towards his photography dream. Naksh wasn’t ready to listen to anything; his mind doesn’t allow him to trust her. Pakhi pulls him back and questions what his heart says. Naksh pulls his hand from hers and leave the restaurant. Pakhi was left crying under heavy rain. She sits on a bench and cries that her life isn’t life without him; there is no one with whom she can share her heart out.

Later, Pakhi returns home all wet. An album was thrown into her feet. Baa was throwing photos of Naksh’s food photography towards Pakhi. Mosmi comes with Rimjhim with a smirk and boastful of her plan. Baa slaps Pakhi and reminds her of her promise. Pakhi had promised to make her grandson a part of family business, only then she would be able to stay in the house. What Pakhi got him into was photography. She tried to betray her. Before Pakhi could explain Baa announces Pakhi can no longer live in the house, she must leave right away. Naksh stood upstairs and was disturbed. Baa says Pakhi couldn’t rid her grandson of his photography passion; now she must pack her bags and leave early morning. Baa blames herself for trusting Pakhi a second time.

Upstairs, Naksh thinks that Pakhi was right. Baa had forced her to get him back into family catering business. He decides to confirm the second thing. He comes to Rimjhim’s room and looks around, then inquires Rimjhim about her cancer medical file. She had lied to Pakhi about suffering from cancer, while she doesn’t. Rimjhim tells Naksh that Pakhi is lying, she wanted to play a prank and so she helped Pakhi with it. She thought to get close to Naksh this way. Naksh was irked that Pakhi lies a lot. Mosmi comes out from behind the bed and discuss with Rimjhim that she had already planned, she knew Naksh would come to check so she threw all the medicines and fake reports. Naksh comes to the room to take his forgotten phone. In the corridor, Naksh hears the recording on phone and thinks Pakhi was right here as well.

PRECAP: Naksh vows with a lit matchstick on Janmashtmi that he is ready to forget his photography passion, on a condition that Janki and Pakhi would be allowed to stay here.

Update Credit to: Sona

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