Hamari Bahu Silk 10th September 2019 Written Episode Update: Naksh to marry Pakhi


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Hamari Bahu Silk 10th September 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Inside, Naksh says Baa is hurt when he is physically hurt, but why she can’t see his inner pains. He requests Baa to accept Pakhi. Baa says when children are ill, parents give those bitter medicines and even injections but it is for his own betterment. Naksh confronts Baa that he will marry Pakhi only. Baa says Naksh shouldn’t back off, after all he is Parekh family’s blood. But anyone of them will be defeated.

In the hall, Pakhi watches her destroyed Mandap. Rimjhim comes to Pakhi and offers her monetary offer to back off. Pakhi smirks that she had backed off if Rimjhim loved Naksh; but both of them know Rimjhim wants to marry Naksh for money. She will not let anyone ruin Naksh’s life or this family. Rimjhim boasts that Pakhi had seen the trailer, now she will show her the whole

picture. Naksh comes from behind and tells Rimjhim if she has courage, then stand here and watch them fix the Mandap. He and Pakhi hold hands and smile towards each other. Rimjhim leaves the hall.

Naksh and Pakhi happily redecorate the Mandap. Pakhi falls from the stool while Naksh holds her in his arms. Rimjhim curtly watches from upstairs as the two have quality time with each other. All at once, some rose petals showers over them. Naksh brings the bowl of turmeric and applies it over Pakhi, Pakhi reciprocates.

Naksh thinks about his challenge with Baa. He lights a fire in the Mandap, and swears to fire that their wedding will not stop. He will marry her taking rounds of this pure fire. Pakhi also vows that she won’t care for any troubles, and marry Naksh. Rimjhim murmurs that her plan will surely work, and Naksh and Pakhi won’t be successful. She must sacrifice at least one family member of Parekh Family.
In the evening, Baa welcomes the guests. Pakhi was ready in the room. Naksh comes from behind, nervous, tensed and sweating hands? Pakhi hides her face, and says a groom can’t see the bride before wedding. Naksh turns around and says he explained the matter to her Ayi already. Pakhi says she knows Ayi is happy that Naksh will be her son in law. Naksh turns around. Pakhi says they must now only meet in the Mandap. Naksh teases if she doesn’t want to see he has worn a jacket over the Lungi. Pakhi replies she won’t see him anyway. Naksh requests to see her at least. Naksh decides they must close their eyes and turn towards each other, then only one person would see the other at a time. Both agree. Naksh says he is opening his eyes, Pakhi shouldn’t. Naksh says showing her face was a mistake, and this groom will soon take his bride. He kiss her forehead and silently walks out of the room. Pakhi takes her turn and was offensive that Naksh isn’t in the room. She later laughs.
The guests at the wedding were confused to see two Mandap. Ketan explains to guests it’s just a wedding theme.

Rimjhim comes downstairs with Mosmi and takes her seat in the Mandap. Pakhi comes downstairs with Janki. The guests gossip about the second bride. Baa was worried. She stops Pakhi’s way downstairs to the hall. She tells Pakhi there is still time, why she wants to make fun of her family; she must leave. She asks Pakhi to free her grandson and let him marry Rimjhim. Naksh arrives in the hall and says it will never happen. He stands besides Pakhi and announces only he and Pakhi will marry. Its Baa and family which has created all this drama. He selected Pakhi as her life partner, and she is their daughter in law to be. He requests Baa to leave her stubbornness and bless them.

PRECAP: Naksh leaves Pakhi’s hand. Baa happily tells Pandit ji to read the Mantar.

Update Credit to: Sona

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