HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI – Does this story has happily ever after?

DISCLAIMER:This is purely my story out of my imagination. It is not an adaption of any serial on air or off air.
This story is totally fictional and does not showcase any person(living or dead),caste,religion or community.

HAMARI ADHURI KAHANI – Does this story has happily ever after?

Character 1- Meera,a 20 years old simple tradtional girl from a Yelagiri district which is situated in Tamil Nadu. Sweet,talkative,sensitve and dependent are the words suited for this girl. Then what this girl do for her living? Actually she doesn’t do anything without her permission of her elder sister. Apart from this, she is an accomplished classical dancer. Her dancing style is a treat to one’s eyes. One should surely see her large eye lined eyes, braided hairs, dark coloured saree and clear cut dance postures. She is a kind of a girl that every men would wish as a life partner.

Character 2- Gautham, a 26 year old angry young man from Delhi. Although he was born in Tamil Nadu, he got settled in New Delhi. Silent, loner and secretive are the words suited for this man. He is a writer by profession. He is very clear about his life and decisions. Many at times, he becomes too judgemental about people. He is a kind of a man who keeps everyone away from him expect his childhood friend. They are best of friends who can set an example for friendship.

Character 3- Anayveer, a 26 year old happy go lucky guy from Delhi. He is a complete form of rich spoilt brat who loves experimenting in life. He is half tamilian and half north Indian. Handsome, stylish and hot are the words suited for this guy. Although he seems good for nothing, he is one of the best free-style dancer. What can one say about his dancing? He dances well or dance suites him well or both. All girls would go crazy for his dancing. He doesn’t listens to anyone expect his friend Gautham. He is a kind of guy that every girl would wish as a boy friend.

Character 4- Agnika, a 22 year old independent girl and sister of Meera. Strong, stubborn and egoistic are the words best suited for this girl. Even though she is from a small town, her thinking is kind of globalized way. Stable mind, well built physique,confident walk and straight vision are the highlights in her. Moreover, She is an martial art expert. During fighting, her defence and attack moves reveals the power of real women.
All men may feel inferior to her will power. She is a kind of girl who has born to rule the world.

Meera and Agnika are sisters. After their mother’s death, Agnika aka Agni took the full responsiblity of Meera. Their father left these girls at very young age. Meera respects her sister a lot. And for Agni, her sister is her world. Apart from this, Agni can’t stand injustice around her. Wherever injustice occurs, fighter inside her comes out as volcano. She is a principal of the school “Chandralekha School of Performing Arts”. This school was started by her mother and got named after her. This school is one of the best performing art schools in India.

Is there any possiblity for happily ever after in this story? keep reading for more.


Credit to: Royal Queen

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