Half Marriage 6th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun and Chandani rescues Rakhi

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Half Marriage 6th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rakhi hearing Shakti’s truth and gets shattered. Chandani asks her to listen to her. Janki asks Rakhi to calm down and says Shakti did a mistake. Chandani tries to make her understand, but she don’t listen to her. Rakhi tells Shakti that she was happy as their baby is to be born soon. She runs to room and closes the door. Maya thinks I am using you to fail Chandani’s plan and manages to open the window. She thinks to kill Rakhi’s baby to spoil chandani’s image. Sulochana scolds Arjun and Chandani. Chandani says I had sent her to yoga class, but don’t know from where she came. Rakhi is sitting in her room and crying. Maya brings parachute oil and spills on floor. She then calls her and asks her to come there, else she will call everyone. Rakhi says I don’t want to talk to anyone and walks towards the window. Arjun and Shakti try to break the door. Janki gets worried. Maya says it is urgent else I wouldn’t have asked. Rakhi is about to slip stepping on the oil, but Chandani and Arjun enter room and hold her. Maya is angry and closes the window.

Chandani apologizes to Rakhi. Arjun says I will not let anything wrong happen with you and says I know Shakti did wrong with you and is apologizing. Surinder says Shakti did wrong, but they shall talk and resolve the matter. Janki asks Rakhi not to do tamasha and talk to Shakti and end the matter. Chandani finds oil on floor and tells Arjun that it fell from window. Arjun thinks it fell by mistake. Chandani falls down. Arjun falls on her. They get up. Chandani asks Rakhi to listen to Shakti once and give him a chance if she thinks right.

Janki blames Chandani and says she did tamasha and haven’t thought about Rakhi. Arjun says we have thought about Rakhi first and that’s why sent her out. He tells that it is Shakti’s mistake and not Chandani’s mistake.. he tells that Chandani saw him with a girl to park. Chandani says I sent her to yoga class and asks her to trust her, says it was needed to stop Shakti. Sulochana says you would have told us. She folds her hands and apologizes to Janki. Shakti apologizes to Rakhi and asks for a chance. He swears on her and their baby. He asks her to forgive him for once. Rakhi says I will not stay with you if you do this again. Shakti promises and gets angry on Chandani. Rakhi says it was not Chandani’s mistake, she tried to change you. Shakti says he will become a good husband. Rakhi asks him to win his right as a husband. Maya tells janki that she wants to tell her this and tells that Chandani was talking to Shakti to woo him, and trapped him. Janki says I haven’t forgotten Shakti. Maya says Chandani is a problem and we shall send her out of house. She says if I become Arjun’s wife then your life will be set.

Sulochana prays to God for a grand child. Chandani tells Arjun that Sulochana wants a grand child. Arjun asks her to tell Maa that they will fulfill her wish. Maya thinks she won’t let them get close.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I thought Rakhi was heavily pregnant but she hardly looks pregnant !!
    As for Maya I hope they get rid of her..
    Jankhi is so selfish and greedy and so is her son..

  2. Arjun is not slow, he is quite intelligent and smart…surely he and Chandini will realise it is Maya who brought Rakhi home! I hope Arjun learns of Maya truth soon and fire her…send her packing!
    Maya is has all the classic traits of a bunny boiler..nothing like a scorned woman out for vengeance to get what she wants, no matter the cost…including an innocent expectant mother. Despicable character!
    As for Sulochana, has she not learnt any lesson from the last two years of grief she endured due to her obstinate behaviour? Surely you would think, given a second chance you will try and build bridges to make relations work and put aside your differences?!

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