Half Marriage 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun gets hurt seeing wedding card of Chandani

Half Marriage 12th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sampath asking Chandani if she will marry Sid. Chandani says Sid. Sampath says I can’t understand why you are doing this. He says Singhania is influential and can destroy you. He says Saheb ji is more scared of Singhania than high command. Chandani says if he is Arjun then he won’t let me marry Sid. He can hate me, but can’t see me ruined. Sampath says if he is Raj then? Chandani says he is not Raj and says we got info that house was transferred back on Surinder’s name. She says he has promised neighbors that he will not break their homes. She says once Arjun reveals his identity to her, she knows what to talk to him.

Arjun brings Surinder to do aarti while Pandit do puja. Surinder says Arjun said that this house shall be on my name and I agreed. He says they got the house back due to Sulochana. Manohar says we both don’t have any greed. We shall stay here happily. Janki gets irked. Chandani comes there and recalls her marriage etc. She knocks on the door. Everyone turns and looks at Chandani.

Arjun looks at Chandani. Sulochana recalls Arjun leaving house with chandani. She tells Arjun that Chandani came to take Arjun with her. Chandani says I will not take your son, he will stay with you all life. I came to invite you all. Arjun comes to Chandani. Chandani says she is going to start new life, from where his project is associated. She gives him invitation card and says she is marrying Siddharth Singhania. She asks him to come with his family and says she thought to marry directly. She invites them and says she will be happy to invite them.

Sulochana says now they are get rid of her. Shakti calls her mad. Rakhi scolds him. Arjun sees the card. Janki asks Arjun to forgive Sulochana. Saheb ji tells Sampath that now everything will be fine. Chandani comes there. Sampath asks if she gave card to them. He says he is worried about Singhania’s reaction. Chandani looks on. Mannu reads the card and says he is seeing Arjun broken and asks why you are breaking your heart. Ajun says nonsense. Mannu says you came here to take revenge on Chandani. Arjun says it is nonsense and recalls Chandani shooting him.

Mannu tells Arjun you can’t see Chandani’s marriage. Chandani and Sid dances. Arjun couldn’t bear to see Sid touching Chandani.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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