Haiwan 6th October 2019 Written Episode Update: Randhir finds out about Ansh’s love


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Haiwan 6th October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Randhir comes to Ansh’s room and tries to make him up. Ansh was angry. Randhir says Ansh isn’t his friend, he is a brother. Ansh didn’t want to speak. Randhir push an injection at the back of his neck and pulls off his control. Ansh faints and fells on the bed. Randhir says I am sorry, but I had no option.

Yeti Master was informed of Kaal’s death. Gia comes to his place. He inquires who she is. Gia replies she is a friend, that’s what enemy’s enemy is called. Yeti Master scans her bag and the gun in it. Gia throws it towards his men and says they might have needed it outside.

In the lab, Randhir takes Ansh’s blood sample. He scans the DNA. Randhir says someone mixed the devilish sample in Ansh’s body, that’s how he turned Haiwan. He wonders who can do it, except for Gia.

He figures out that Gia turned Ansh into a Haiwan. Yeti Master blames his brother’s death on Gia as well. Gia says he died of his own mistakes and failures. Shall they work together now? Gia offers him huge amount of money, but Yeti Master replies it isn’t needed. Gia promises to give him three times of this money. Yeti Master demands ten times, Gia promises twenty times. She says he won’t kill that Ansh, the Super Human. Yeti Master argues he killed his brother. Gia says she only wants that scientist, creator of Super Human dead. If all goes well, tomorrow night will be exciting for the three of them. She will explain him the whole plan tomorrow morning, in detail.

In the lab, Randhir sat silently. His face turned the opposite way. Ansh wakes up on the laboratory table. He inquires what Randhir did to him. Randhir sat upset that Ansh turned to Haiwan, and didn’t even tell him. Ansh says not everything is necessary to be shared. Ansh fells off. Randhir supports Ansh and says Ansh’s anger is because of the devilish deed’s solution. Ansh blames Randhir for all this. Randhir hugs Ansh and says he can’t let Ansh leave. Ansh tells Randhir he doesn’t need a super power to kill him. Randhir tells Ansh to kill him then. If he dies that’s alright, but if he stays alive he won’t spare Ansh till he is treated. He says Gia did all this. Ansh says he went to Gia himself, and pushed the serum into his body. He wanted to become a Haiwan. Randhir was taken aback and says that’s impossible, Ansh is lying. Ansh pushes Randhir down on floor and says he doesn’t want Randhir’s friendship anymore. He betrayed him and isn’t worth their friendship. Randhir finished everything between them. Its all over. Randhir pulls his collar and inquires what he thinks of himself, Ansh isn’t rightful of breaking this friendship. Ansh blames Randhir to be selfish. Ansh turns to leave, deciding he isn’t with Randhir. Ansh was weak, yet he walks upstairs. Randhir fires a shot towards Ansh. Ansh faints. Randhir goes to hold and support him. He says Randhir isn’t only a friend. Randhir holds Ansh close to himself and says Ansh is his brother, he wonders how Gia brainwashed him but he will surely treat him. He can never afford to lose Ansh. He hugs Ansh.
Later, Randhir carries Ansh to a table and turns on some rays over his body, locking the cell. He goes to switch voltage and says I am sorry bro.

In the terrace, Randhir calls on a number. A young man takes the call, but stands straight up from bed listening Randhir’s voice. Randhir tells him to leave all the work and reach Shimodra. The young man dances around cheerfully. Amrita comes to hug Randhir from back and says its good to see him calm, quiet and peaceful. That playboy attitude suits him. She silently wonders what’s wrong with them, if Randhir and Ansh have even spoken to each other; she just came between them two friends. Randhir turns his face and stood close to Amrita. Amrita notices he was stressed and asks about Ansh. Randhir says Ansh is fine, they had a long chat. He now hugs Amrita from behind and asks to talk something personal about themselves.

Chetan comes worried and says he couldn’t connect to Ansh since yesterday. Gia says Ansh is extremely important for her plan. Her scientists must track him.

Randhir brings the young man to his lab. He was excited and amazed both. Randhir shows him the body of Ansh and says he has been turned from Super Human to Haiwan; they need to change the DNA back to Super Human or to Ansh. He inquires the young man’s name, he tells a huge name Bala Adhvand Bhabhudhia Adhunand and acronyms it as BABY. Randhir says he read his research and chose him for the work afterwards. He warns Baby not to tell anyone about the work they are set to do. Randhir gets a call from Amrita who hurries him to come upstairs. Randhir hurries upstairs. The hall was full of flowers and bouquet. Amrita asks Randhir if he did it. Randhir denies. He reads the newspaper mentioning the advert of their engagement.

Gia tells the Yeti Master she gave the advert in newspaper. It will work as a spark for Ansh’s love and he will bring both Randhir and Amrita to them. Chetan comes to tell them that Ansh is at Randhir’s place, they must send someone to get Ansh. Yeti Master knew someone who can do this.
Amrita was upset that this is all in so much hurry. Randhir comforts her that they won’t get engaged till Amrita is ready. He only wants her happy. Amrita asks if they can prepare for the engagement function in a few hours. Randhir asks if she is ready for the engagement then. Amrita replies she is, but they need to speak to her father and Dadi. Randhir hugs Amrita and thinks who gave the news then.
Yeti Master orders his man to remove the current of the box. The man had an objection that Dil Kash will be out of control then. He repeats his order. Dil Kash appears from within the box. Yeti Master orders Dil Kash to kill the one afraid of her. Dil Kash moves some chains and tires them around the neck of the man. He dies. Gia was impressed. Yeti Master orders Dil Kash to bring Randhir here.
At home, Nisha’s parents were in a state of shock to hear about Randhir and Amrita’s engagement. Nisha was happy that Ansh is now clear. Randhir makes a call to find out about the advert. Dharam wasn’t ready for the engagement so soon. Randhir receives the call that it was done by Gia. Dil Kash had reached his house. Randhir thinks there is some connection between Ansh turning to Haiwan and their engagement, he must find it out. Randhir comes to Ansh’s room. He finds the ring with which Ansh was about to propose the girl. He finds Amrita’s name engraved on it. Randhir was at once upset and says Ansh wanted to propose Amrita, that’s why he called him a cheater. This is the reason of his anger. He speaks to Ansh’s photo that his best friend turned to an enemy only because of Amrita. He was determined to fix all this matter.

In the lab, Baby had taken the samples of Ansh and tries to work with them in the lab. Ansh wakes up and inquires who he is. He asks him to bring him out. Baby happily introduces himself as Baby and says his Sir ordered not to free him. He says Ansh is an extremely sensitive person, his blood group is A+ and people of this blood group are extremely emotional. Ansh tells him to shut up. Someone sticks a black tape on Baby’s mouth. Baby runs backward and finds Dil Kash come downstairs, moving a few iron pieces in air. She pulls the tape off Baby’s mouth. Baby was astonished to see the magnetic powers in her body and inquires if Randhir created her. Dil Kash throws a fire extinguisher towards Baby. He faints. Dil Kash now pulls the gate of the cell and turns the Hi Volt off. Ansh sits up and inquires who she is.

Randhir comes downstairs into his lab. He was shocked to find Ansh missing from the lab. He looks around for Baby. Baby calls Randhir. He tells Randhir that a magnetic lady came from upstairs and took Ansh. Everything flew around when she came here. Ansh even didn’t know her. Randhir was sure Gia did all this. He was worried that Ansh won’t even be able to protect himself, he had taken off his watch. Randhir says his experiment is imperative to save his friendship now.

Upstairs, Randhir hears Dharam and Amrita speak to each other. Dharam tells Amrita he has no problem with the engagement. He is only afraid that it might bring some distances between Randhir and Ansh. After all, Ansh proposed her as well. She has entered their life at a very later stage, he doesn’t want her to intervene in their friendship. Amrita tells Dharam that she inquired Randhir and he told her last night everything was fine between him and Ansh. She even clarified it to Ansh that she loves Randhir and not Ansh. Dharam says then there is no problem with the engagement, they must get engaged tonight.

Dil Kash brings Ansh to a desserted place. Ansh inquires what place this is. Dil Kash says she brought him close to death. He killed her Yeti Master, she loved Yeti Master and now she will kill Ansh. She attacks Ansh with the knives.

Baby tells Randhir that Ansh has stolen the spare control from safe. He has matched the finger prints. Randhir says they can track Ansh through the control.

There, Ansh tries to protect himself. He gets hold of the control from the jeep and turns himself into a Super Human. He throws Dil Kash down on floor now. Dil Kash spots the kerosene cans and spills one of it. She was about to throw the match stick.

Randhir was still tracking Ansh. The power decreases and he sends Baby to turn the invertor on. Amrita comes downstairs and happily hugs Randhir from the back and congratulates him as her future fiancé. Randhir smiles weakly towards her. Amrita complains it’s a dry reaction, she deemed he would dance around crazily and happily. She place her head over Randhir’s shoulder, and says when she read the news in paper she was afraid. When she met him, everything is happening hurriedly, and she enjoys this adventurous love story. She swirls him on his chair and says she is ready for this roller coaster ride with him and she will always be with him. She inquires who published the news. Randhir says it was some journalist who sensationalized their love affair. Amrita says they must thank that journalist then. She has been strong and independent after her mother passed away, but he completes her. She sits on his lap and says she is extremely happy for both of them. Randhir was upset and says their life will change after tonight.

Someone strikes Dil Kush using the knives. The Yeti Master had captured Dil Kash by her neck and reminds her it’s his war. Ansh asks who they are. Gia comes from behind with her team, she says they are their new partners. She takes Ansh to discuss the next plan with him.

PRECAP: Ansh tells Gia he shared his love with Randhir, and he is doing all this deliberately. Randhir discuss with Baby that his love affair with Amrita turned Ansh into a Haiwan. He wonders what his engagement will do to Ansh. In the engagement function, he tells Ansh to put on the ring in Amrita’s finger. Amrita asks if it’s a joke. Randhir asks Ansh if he loves her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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