Haiwan 25th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Ashvadhyama returns

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Haiwan 25th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Amrita was going to Ansh downstairs when there was an attack of honeybees. Randhir pulls Amrita backward and covers themselves under a nearby quilt. Amrita resists but Randhir tells her to stay silently, he can’t let her go out. Amrita wonders how long it will take them here. Randhir replies sarcastically he should go and ask, then replies they will wait till someone is here for help. Something gets into Amrita’s eyes. Randhir gets closer as he blows into her eye.

Gia was with a young man in her room. She receives Ansh’s call. Gia warns Ansh that lightening man is much powerful than they are, he must only keep an eye over Randhir and Amrita. He cuts the call and inquires the schaffer about Amrita. He replies Amrita is upstairs in an important talk with Randhir. Randhir and Amrita sensed the bees were no more around. Ansh comes there and furiously drags Amrita downstairs. She complains of her hand being hurt. Ansh kisses on her hand. Amrita tells him to stay away, she has been fasting. Randhir comes to punch Ansh, threatening him against hurting Amrita. Ansh breaks a bottle but Randhir gets hold of it. Both wrestle with each other. Amrita comes between them, and warns Ansh to take a single step towards Randhir. She says she hates them both, she wants them to stay from her for a few days. Dharam came there. Ansh apologizes Amrita but in return Amrita tells him to spare her. If this happens again, she will leave their lives forever then. Dharam forbids her for any such talk. Amrita and Randhir leave the hall.

Baby was in the lab. Randhir decides he can’t let Amrita suffer any more torture. He has to find the other part of the map and get the Ratan of Ashvadhyama. Dharam comes to the lab and says Randhir has all the right intentions, but everyone would go against Randhir to get hold of the Ratan. What if Ansh takes Amrita away from them, somewhere?

Amrita was driving the car, and wonders why she thinks about Randhir.

Randhir discusses with Dharam that her father said Krishna has the other part of the map. Baby asks what if it’s about God Krishna. Dharam feels Baby is right. According the story told by Disha, Krishna was also a part of the story. He suggests about checking into the temple. Randhir uses the scanner but finds nothing there. He says it must be something dear to him only and which only he can guess. He spots the flute in Krishna’s hand and recalls that his father brought him a flute.

In the lab, Randhir unlocks the vault holding the flute. He remembers his father telling him that this flute contains the power to save the whole world. He finds the other part of the map and was happy.
Ansh uses a punch bag to get rid of his aggression. He decides he can’t let that lightening man help Randhir, and lose Amrita. He must finish that lightening man altogether. He comes outside where lightening man was energizing himself over a car. He moves forward to attack him. Disha comes to stop Ansh and says she and the lightening man is in one team. She made up a false story for Randhir so that he trusts the lightening man and hands the map over. Gia comes to scold Ansh for his aggression against lightening man. A servant comes to take lightening man to Randhir. Nain Tara watches this.

Randhir demands the lightening man to hand him the other part of the map. He connects the two parts and there was a flash of light, the map joins. Nain Tara comes to Randhir. She swears to Nisha that Disha and lightening man are in a single team. The lightening man considers her a liar. Gia, Ansh, Disha and everyone come inside to pressurize Randhir. Ansh turns to a Haiwan to confront Randhir. Randhir was ready to give up his life but not ready to hand the map over to anyone. He disappears, leaving everyone astonished.
The lake in the valley of Ratan was bubbling. The residents nearby hear a loud call that soon Ashvadhyama would be here to take his Ratan.

Amrita’s car comes across an accident. Ashvadhyama, with a blooded injury mark on his forehead takes an aim of the car while it falls off the cliff. The car stabilizes and lands in an unknown place. Amrita was shocked and wonders how it was possible. She comes out of the car. A young, handsome man walks to her and inquires if she is fine. He gives her a bottle of water and offers to check her car. He introduces himself as Ashvini Kumar, a scientist who came to meet the Chairman of RA Biotech Randhir Agnihotri. Amrita smiles that he wants to meet Randhir. She was lost in the thought of the accident she had just faced. Ashvini says Amrita must have been stressed and had an illusion of this accident. Amrita was in a hurry to reach home. Ashvini offers to drop her.

Ansh comes to the hall and says Randhir isn’t in the lab as well. They spot a cook take dinner for Randhir. Randhir enjoyed the meal on the terrace. When everyone reaches there, he wears his protective glasses. Disha tells him to stop playing the games and tell them about the map. Randhir poses to be clueless about the map. Gia threatens to torture his family now. The lightening man gathers the energy to torture Randhir himself. Randhir sat peacefully, enjoying his mean.

In the valley of Ratan, the protectors discuss Ashvadhyama has been spotted in Shimodra. They all gather to go and stop Ashvadhyama, before he gets the map.

Randhir was sitting in a protected electric cage. Dharam and Baby come there and were unharmed by the lightening man. Baby unveils a machine which unearthed the lightening man’s electrical powers. Randhir asks them if they have to try something else as well; because he is tired and wants to sleep. Gia tells Ansh to control himself, they need to get the map first. Disha decides to hypnotize him.

In the hall, Dharam was concerned that Amrita is missing. Ashvini walks into the house with a broad smile. Randhir recognizes him as Dr. Ashvini Kumar. Ashvini pleasantly apologizes for being here at such an odd time. Randhir introduces Ashvini as a big scientist of India. Ashvini says sometimes it feels it took him ages to reach Randhir, Shimodra is a complete maze and the path was quite dramatic. Amrita walks inside. She tells everyone that her car had an accident, but all of a sudden a number of arrows got hold of her car and there was no accident. Dr. Ashvini insists on Randhir not to talk about it, they will discuss about it later on as the accident itself was shocking for Amrita.

Randhir and Ashvini were served the drink. Randhir was thankful for him. Ashvini says he wanted to meet Randhir for quite long now. He wants to team up with him for business and research. He got a lot, and Randhir’s help can establish him as well. Randhir humbly appreciates his work, and the research paper on Quantum Physics which he uses in his work.

In another corner of the hall, Ansh sat with Amrita and angrily says she shouldn’t have left. He pulls Amrita’s hand angrily. Randhir goes to get his grip off. Amrita was irritated and leaves. Ashvini turns to take a leave, as he had to find a room in some hotel. Randhir insists he stays at his house.
In the room, Govind was angry that they were unable to get the map. Gia says Randhir would never destroy the map, else it must have been destroyed by his father. They should compel Randhir to get the Ratan and then they can snatch it from him. They will have to think about some situation which forces Randhir to find the Ratan.

The next morning, Amrita comes to Randhir’s room. He wasn’t home. She thinks she hasn’t been able to trust anyone. She must find the truth by herself now. She goes to look into the room and finds her mom’s watch. Randhir stood at the room door. He remembers Amrita had gifted Randhir the watch, it was most special for her and must take care of it. He now smiles at Amrita. Amrita thinks how her mother’s watch reached Randhir’s room. Randhir tells Amrita she gifted this to him. He asks why she is in this room. Amrita says she wanted this watch, it’s her mother’s. Randhir pulls the watch and insists it was his gift. He shows a note with the watch, but Amrita says it’s easy to copy her writing; why she would write the note for him. Randhir tells Amrita that her confusion is visible in her eyes, but the truth is that Disha and Ansh teamed up and hypnotized her. Ansh isn’t her husband, in fact he is her husband. They are Mr. and Mrs. Agnihotri. It’s important for Amrita to know all the truth, and he will ask Dharam to share their family story with her.

The protectors of Ratan reached Amrita’s car. They try to locate the girl so that they can find Ashvadhyama. Ashvadhyama can efficiently change his identity altogether.

Amrita and Ansh were in terrace. Ashvadhyama overhears them. Amrita asks Ansh to clarify her confusion. She cries and asks why this happens to her. She can only think for Randhir. She is in such a confusion that she might go crazy.

PRECAP: Dharam tells Amrita about the past of their family. He tells Amrita that Disha is her elder sister. Ashvini (Ashvadhyama) convinces Amrita to get him Randhir’s help. Later, in front of Disha Ashvadhyama unveils his real intention to end this world.

Update Credit to: Sona

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