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Lights camed back and vansh was shocked to see….



On mirror it was written….


You will be punished
-your sweetheart.



Vansh(angry): once i found you then just see riddhima.



Next day…



Aryan was walking in corridor and collided with vansh.



Aryan: i was coming to you only bhai.


Vansh: why? (Already irritated)



Aryan: Letter for you. (handing over the letter)



Vansh took it and left from there.




Aww vanshu missing your sweetheart? If you want to meet me so desperately so come wt xyz address.
-your sweetheart




Vansh tightened his fist. In which he was holding letter. (kachumbar bana diya paper ka)



Vansh left from there and reached a construction building.



Vansh camed on 10th floor. (10th floor se fekegi shayadπŸ˜‚)


He saw no one there. Then he sensed someone there.



He turned and saw a black hoodie person standing there facing his back.


He camed near him/her.


That person turned and was…..


Riddhima (ussne bulaya h toh wahi ayegi na)


Vansh looked at her first in caring and sweet way then changing his expression in angry and stern look.


Riddhima: hi vanshu.


Vansh(stern): you!! (Angry) how dare you to play such a cheap game with me.


Riddhima: lets start from start. (smiles)


Vansh was about to say something…


Riddhima: without interruption. (Now stern)


Vansh looked at her sharply and stood there folding his hands.


Riddhima: story is long you may sit on that stair.



He sat there and riddhima started….


Riddhima: you might remember when you threw me correct when ishani threw me out of house and i fell down. So basically she killed my baby(trying to be strong) that day i was so helpless but i found my brother not of real blood but he was more than that. He is here. Come out!



A person camed there and stood near riddhima.


Vansh was shocked he was unable to believe that this man did this much for this woman.



He was…..


(Mai nhi btarhi)



(Achha sorry padh lo)






Aryan: from here i will tell



So when you threw my sister out of mansion she was pregnant and because of you all she suffered. I saw her in hospital and she told me everything. Thought i hated her but after that day i changed just for her completely. I have insisted her to take my help but she denied and worked hard to just destroy…(smirks)you.


(He continued)



That day when you and angre tracked her i changed her location in your mobile. That day when you were running to save ur company i punchered your tier. And that day only i just scared you by my car. (when he jumped aside and got hurt)


And last but not the least. That letter was written by me. It was all a well planned game. Wasn’t it cool?



Vansh by now was unable to say something (smartness pe fida ho gya😎)



Riddhima: and now today one last part of my plan is left……wait…..(something strikes her) you did that work?



Aryan: yeah don’t worry it’s done.


Vansh(after coming out of shock): what?


Riddhima and aryan(same time): none of your business.



Vansh mouth was again shut.


Riddhima: so in which charges?


Aryan: including all for murderer,threatening,and for keeping police blind. He is gone for life long.


Vansh(thinking): why the hell i am quite. Huh. I am vr i will speak. (ego nhi gya inka)



Vansh: what the hell are you both talking and you aryan you to betrayed me? (Angry)


Aryan: just



Riddhima: shut. (Both angry)


Both: up!



Vansh: enough! He took his gun out. I took much now tell otherwise i will shot.



Riddhima: you think you can scare us? See this video one time.



Vansh looked at it. And he wws shocked again.



It was footage of his illegal buissnes of diamonds and how he planned to torcher riddhima.



Riddhima: happy to see this? (Chuckes) i hacked your office footage and your conversation of torchering me.


Vansh was quite again.



Riddhima: just a button and you will be gone.


Suddenly they heard someone’s footsteps.


Riddhima turned to see angre.


Angre: not fair enough bhabhi you sended ishani jail? (Angry) (pointing gun)



Riddhima (calmly): put your gun down angre.


Angre: no way! (Shoots at her)


But…she bends down.


Aryan camed from back and got a hold on angre.


Angre: aryan!? Leave me!!


Aryan: riddhi I can’t risk your life let me play it.



Riddhima: aryan….(but it was too late he played a footage)


(I won’t stretch it was of how kabir and anupriya torchered riddhima and of riddhima’s innocence)



Vansh was shocked to core ke andar ka bhi ka core. Angre in shock dropped his gun.



Aryan threw paper on vansh’s face. Paper were of riddhima’s miscourage.



Aryan (shouting): is this enough!? You want something else. Ok so call Police station and ask about kabir. He is jailed for lifetime we were talking about him only!!


Riddhima handled aryan but he was broken.


But someone was more broken he was huf yes yes vansh.


He sat on his knees and was crying.


Vansh(to himself): i killed my baby i torchered my sweetheart for no damn reason i…now how can i say sorry to her?



Riddhima was keeping her best to control her emotions.


Aryan: riddhi last revenge is still left.



Riddhima was now in her world thinking something.



Aryan: riddhima!


Riddhima camed out of her world and saw in a painful ways towards aryan.


Aryan nodded and riddhima did something in her mobile.



Riddhima: vansh i could have forgiven you for doing all that to me. But you did not just hurted me you killed my baby and took my self respect. You will be punished.



Vansh was not in his sense he was sitting there only without expression.



Soon police arrived there and took him with them angre kept asking them to listen him but they were having proofs of his smuggling and torchering wife. (Like vansh snached riddhima’s identity same happened)



Aryan and riddhima were left alone there.


Aryan: so now what madam?


Riddhima: now nothing is left i will live with the children who are all alone in orphanage. I didn’t got my baby but i can give them this happiness.


Aryan: be in contact with me. (smiles)


Riddhima: of course bhai. (smiles back)



They both left from there.



In vr mansion everyone were now aware of truth and were guilty….but whatvis left now.


Aryan becamed a successful person.


Riddhima started working in her field of coding….but still misses vansh.







Huff. Yar talent dekh raho ho maine kaise fatafat likha. Ab yar sorry it it was not up to all your expectations. I tried best. Sorry. And if it was nice thankss!! Ok so do comments and tell how it was. I will come back with my ff soon maybe in 2-3 days. Ok bye guys. Take care.

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