Gustakh Dil 4th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 4th September 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 4th September 2013 Written Update

The show starts at Ishana place her mom is in a hurry to go to the office and notices Ishana did not eat, she goes to check after asking her maid about Ishana. she sees her sleeping.
Barkha is guiding the servants to clean the house well as the in laws of Ayesha are coming to their place for dinner. Barkha asks Nikhil to tell lLajjo not to step out of her room in the presence of the guests. Nikhil says sheila will do so. Barkha tells him”But you are her hubby” . He goes to Lajjo room and the latter says last night he was accusing her for whatever happened. Nikhil asks her to forgive him as he was just in a bad mood.
Lajjo asks him the true motive of his visit as he surely does not come to ask her to forgive him.Nikhil asks him not to leave her room in the presence of the

guests as Barkha will get angry and definitely the others also will not like it.

Nikhil friends are in their club and the guys are practicing the musical instruments over there. Ranjho screams to stop it as she’s feeling bad for Nikhil.
They begin to discuss about Nikhil and Lajjo marriage also of Ishana.
Ishana enters and asks if ever they were discussing about her all and everyone is shocked.

Lajjo is talking with herself alone in her room. She says if ever Saraswati would have told her about what happened after marriage she would never get married.
She also decides to leave but thinking about her mom giving the oath to her so decides to stay back.

The discussion among friends continues, Ishana says Nikhil loves her and they are both in love. Shreya says but he0′s married, Ishana says but they are hell bent in love with each other they will definitely find a way.

Gunjan goes to see Lajjo in her room and leaves a newspaper on the table. Lajjo sees it and wants to read it as it is written in Hindi. Gunjan asks if she can also read.. She says yes.

Lajjo says that she’s the most educated girl in her village and she can also try some few words in English language.
She begins to read and they promote the new show coming on the same channel. Gunjan asks Lajjo if it is not the same situation like Tara the couples are married not knowing each other.
Lajjo says when she got married the situation was really difficult.

The guests are already here, Sid dad says his mom always wanted a girl now their wish will get complete after Ayesha entering their house.
Ayesha and Sid are flirting NN asks them to go somewhere else to flirt.
Lajjo is feeling extremely hungry, and feels bad as they all forget about her. She arrives at the door and remember Nikhil requesting her to stay in her room.

Ayesha is showing her house to Sid. he sees Nikhil picture and asks who’s he she says her younger brother.
They decide about their honeymoon. Sid tells Ayesha she Written by Anju. needs to come with him to chose the house his father is gifting them for the wedding.

Barkha says it will be a memorable wedding for Delhi. Sid mom asks about Indur and Barkha says he must be on his way home. NN says Indur likes to takecare of his office works alone he’s like an employee. Meera asks to call for the couple but Sid mom says it is too early as Sid used to take dinner late.
Sid got a phone call and goes outside to answer on the other side Lajjo is slowly opening the door they bump with each other in the corridor and Sid screams what the hell after his phone falls down.

Gunjan is taking food and Nikhil asks for whom it is.. Gunjan says for Lajjo. Nikhil checks the plate and says something is missing. Gunjan asks what is it? Nikhil says not to worry he’ll add it. He brings the food for Lajjo with some few chillies.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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