Gustakh Dil 3rd March 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 3rd March 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 3rd March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Nikhil taking Ishaana’s permission. He says if I don’t go, I won’t be able to forget myself. Ishaana asks him to go and come. Nikhil gets happy. Nikhil thinks about Lajjo and says Lajjo also used to talk to the fishes. Ishaana says Lajjo? He says I m feeling bad, and guilty. I did not wish to hurt you. She says you should go. He says thanks, I will come back soon before we go to London. Nikhil says give me a hug. Teri uljaaane……….. plays………… She hugs him and smiles. Nikhil leaves.

People are dying further in Sonbarsa and patients are increasing. Lajjo’s parents see them and are worried. Doctor Kaka treats Lajjo at the clinic. The nurse says she should have not given her injection to anyone else. He says she is such a good human being, the Lord

should help her. He thinks how can he see Lajjo dying. Lajjo’s mum asks how is Lajjo and her fever. He says I can’t lie to you, she is not fine. They get worried knowing Lajjo is very serious. Nikhil is driving thinking about Lajjo. He is about to meet with an accident but is saved.

Barkha and Nani come to talk to Ishaana. Barkha says you could have tried harder to stop Nikhil. Nani says there is epidemic, if anything happens to him then. Barkha says how can you spoil your future, you will have to suffer. Ishaana says this is no Nikhil’s madness, Lajjo is ill and Nikhil thinks he should be with Lajjo. Nani says what about you, men are confused, you have to control him. Nani says I m making Ishaana realize her mistake.

Ishaana says I tried every way, my mum did not like this, my friends also left to support me. I did everything to stop Nikhil but not anymore. She cries and I won’t force Nikhil, I will not ask anything and won’t try to stop him. There won’t be any conditions now. Ishaana says Lajjo did not go anywhere, see she is here near the aquarium, Lajjo has given a lot to Lajjo in six months which I could not give him in 10 years. He has her memories in his hand and it bends more everytime.

Doctor Kaka panics seeing Lajjo and gives her the injection to save her life. Nikhil is on the way, His car breaks down and he pushes the car. Lajjo is getting more unwell. Sakhi saiyaan na aaye re…………. plays……….. Lajjo’s parents see Lajjo and cry seeing her state. Lajjo is losing hope. Nikhil gets a mechanic. The mechanic says it will take time. A man tells him about people dying in the village. The man says 4 people died in two days. Nikhil gets worried. Nikhil asks how far in Sonbarsa. The man says 3 miles, it will take 90mins. Nikhil gives the money to the mechanic and says I will go by walk, I m in hurry.

The man shows him directions and some short cuts. Nikhil thanks him and leaves. Nikhil runs towards the village. Ek saans aaye re……….. sakhi saiyyan…………plays………… Nikhil is worried about Lajjo and says I understood my dream now, I won’t let it become true. Lajjo’s dad says Lajjo did not hurt anyone, the Lord will never hurt her, she will be fine, nothing will happen to her. More people die in the village.

Lajjo’s parents break down and pacify each other. Nikhil reaches the village and sees the patients. He asks about Lajjo. Lajjo’s parents see him and are shocked. The doctor says we know you are Lajjo’s husband but you are not allowed to meet her. Barkha is angry on Nikhil. Nani asks her not to make the life complicated, you know how much sensitive is Nikhil, he went to help Lajjo, he is feeling guilty, he loves Ishaana, he will come soon. Barkha says this is so serious, if Nikhil catches the infection. Samrat hears this and says Lajjo is ill? Barkha says yes, we got the info and Nikhil gone to his roots.

Samrat calls Anu and asks about Lajjo. Anu says Lajjo is very much ill and everyone are ill in this village. Samrat asks about her and Baba. She says we are fine, what did you do with Lajjo, the smiling and cheerful Lajjo does not want to love now. She cries. Nikhil meets Lajjo’s parents and greets them. Lajjo’s mum cries. Nikhil asks how is Lajjo, is she fine, will she become fine, is she serious. Her dad says she is ill. He says I came to know today. Her dad says the doctors are trying. Nikhil says I want to meet her.

Her dad says you can’t meet her, what will happen if you do this, don’t go there. Nikhil says I want to meet her once. Her dad says doctors are not allowing anyone. He says if anything happens to you, your family will blame us. Nikhil says don’t worry about my family. Nikhil requests saying please allow me to meet her once. Doctor Kaka says I am unable to do anything seeing Lajjo leave her breath, I m feeling helpless. Nikhil is allowed to see Lajjo and talks to her standing far behind the partition.

Nikhil says see Lajjo, its me Nikhil. Doctor Kaka tells Lajjo that Nikhil came. Lajjo looks at him. Nikhil says you will be fine, I promise I will make you fine. O re pakhi kaisa ye tera fasana…………plays………… Nikhil is worried seeing Lajjo’s condition.

Lajjo’s mum blames Nikhil for Lajjo’s condition saying he has killed her and cries. Nikhil cries too.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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