Gustakh Dil 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 3rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

– The episode started with Sagar asking Anjali to do laajo’s hair more traditionally. His expression said that he was satisfied with Laajo’s make over.

– Nikhil went to a client house to deliver something then the female client tried to hit on him and tried to drug him with drinks but Nikhil stood firm on his intentions and left the house without a backward glance. The female client fumed in anger.

– Laajo was brought to the venue where the audition was going to take place. There the other contestant tried to put her down by demoralizing her. They started that it was the final nail in the coffin sager thinking of launching a girl like laajo and that it would be a disaster.

– Their words kept playing in their mind all the time and it successfully was able to make laajo hold herself back and go inside her shell.

– Nikhil’s mother told barkha that Nikhil’s find was a total disaster and that the new girl doesn’t possess any confidence. But barkha had full faith on Sagar and waited for the show to start.

– The show started but laajo didnot enter in her cue startling Anjali who was standing in the back stage to support her and also Sagar who anxiously waited for her to come on stage.

– No seeing laajo Sagar’s mother started accusing him, he took some time out from them and went to meet laajo.

– In the meantime laajo locked herself in the room losing her last confidence she had. But then she recapitulated Nikhil’s words where she thought why she was in the city leaving her village behind. In the background Sagar kept on reminding her why she came in the city and that she needs to prove to them who made her cry.

– Laajo finally opened the door and let Sagar in gaining her confidence back and Sagar asked her to go to the stage and give her best and the stage, lights, sounds and everyone was waiting for the confident girl to take it over.

Precap : Laajo performs in stage.

Update Credit to: Koeli

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