Gustakh Dil 30th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 30th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ayesha coming to meet Adhiraj. He asks why were you annoyed with me, what did I say, I don’t have any relation with my dad. He says you have punished me for his crimes. He says yes, he is my father, I can’t change this fact, I told you many times, my family is not there as I ended ties with them, I want to start a new life with you. Ayesha cries and apologizes to him. he says you are my family. He holds her hand and sees Shalini’s bangles. She smiles and says its his mum’s bangles. She says your mum gave me this when I met her as Shagun. He says what. She says yes, she liked me, Lajjo took me there. He smiles. She says Lajjo did great thing that she took me, your mum changed my decision.

She says she gave me blessings, how can you say you don’t have family, your mum is very sweet. She hugs him smiling. Lajjo and everyone do the birthday party celebrations of Nikhil. Nikhil is happy and gets gifts from everyone. He thanks them. Everyone look very happy. Lajjo and Nikhil smile. Barkha gifts Nikhil his childhood pic with Akash and them. He is touches and shows everyone. Lajjo asks him to cut the cake. Nikhil goes ahead. Jasmine comes there and sees them. Nikhil cuts the cake. Barkha says first Lajjo. Nikhil makes Lajjo ate the cake. Jasmine gets jealous.

She comes and hugs Nikhil. Everyone is shocked seeing her. Jasmine says she met her dad in jail andb she told him that there is nothing between me and him, he was planning to kill Nikhil, how can he think of killing someone, I m ashamed to be his daughter. She says sorry Nikhil, I apologize on his behalf, for his every mistake. He says its ok. He tells everyone that she is Jasmine, Mr Ranawat’s daughter. Ravi says what is she doing here. Nikhil says when Ranawat kidnapped me, Jasmine helped me a lot. She tells them how she freed him.

He says I m here with you all, is because of Jasmine. He thanks her. Barkha says that’s wonderful, we are really very very grateful to you, Nikhil is here because of you and we are celebrating his birthday, you came on right time. Inder says yes, that’s true, but we are angry on your dad, you can understand, but its good after meeting you and Adhiraj. Jasmine smiles. She says she came to say sorry to someone. She says sorry to Lajjo. She says trust me, I did not know all this before.

Lajjo forgives her. Barkha says its fine if you stay here. Inder says yes. Jasmine smiles. Lajjo is upset. Adhiraj meets Shalini and talks to her about Ayesha. He tells about Ayesha and she laughs. He says you should get an angry wife, she will scold you and make you right. I m very happy for you, now you will be married, then a new life will start. She says my only concern is about Jasmine, don’t know what to do. He asks where is she. She says she went out, don’t know. Harry comes and meets Adhiraj.

He says so you are back. He taunts Ashiraj. Adhiraj replies him back. They have an argument. Harry says welcome. Adhiraj says you may feel good to stick to money, not me, I have some ethics and nothing imp than it. Shalini scolds Harry asking him not to come in her room again. Harry says even I don’t want to. Harry leaves.

Adhiraj is upset as Shalini tells about Jasmine further. She says she misbehaved a lot, I would have never come in this house, I want to settle Jasmine then I will leave this house. Adhiraj says he will go now. She smiles as he promises. He asks her to take rest. Everyone is happy in the party. Lajjo teases Ayesha and she blushes. Lajjo sees Nikhil and Jasmine laughing and talking. Adhiraj comes and hugs Nikhil wishing happy birthday. He says welcome back. Nikhil says thanks, really nice to see you. Inder and Barkha bless him.

Adhiraj is shocked seeing Jasmine and thinks of her last time doings in this house. Jasmine smiles and is happy knowing about Adhiraj and Ayesha’s marriage to be happening soon. Nikhil tells everything. Adhiraj smiles. He says Nikhil scared all of us, and how Ayesha declared that she will leave me, Lajjo says she is coming. Jasmine applies the cake on Nikhil’s face. Lajjo and Adhiraj looks on as Jasmine laughs. Nikhil looks at Lajjo.

Adhiraj tells Lajjo about Jasmine, who loves Nikhil.

Update Credit to: Amena

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