Gustakh Dil 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Lajjo hiding. Ranawat looks around in the room. Shalini comes and asks what happened now. Ranawat says I don’t like anyone to come in study room in my absence. She says no one came here. He says someone came, as laptop is hot. He says he does not trust servants and will lock study room from today. They come out and lock the study room. Ranawat and Shalini leave. Lajjo gets tensed and tries to push the door. Lajjo says she will call Miss Roy, she is CBI and will help her. She tells the problem to Miss Roy that she is locked in study room. She says she was taking info, she took it in pendrive. Miss Roy says be there, I will send someone, sit there quietly.

Amit says he can go to Trishna to help her. DK says Amit…….. Barkha is in her room seeing jewellery online. Inder comes home and says he is early s his meeting got cancelled. She hugs him and says we can spend some time together. She shows him some bracelets. He says I was saying, don’t place the order now. She says there are many. He says I was saying don’t buy anything now, it will be better. She asks why. He says our company has some losses. She laughs and says can’t you get me 1.5 lakhs bracelet. He says try to understand, I can handle kids, you understand please.

Barkha asks is everything alright, things are that bad. He says no, not that bad, temporary phase for few days, everything will be fine. Lajjo waits in the study room. Shalini asks the servants where did Lajjo go, she did not make dinner. A man comes and Shalini meets him. He says he came from cable agency and its Amit. Shalini says our tvs are working fine. He says we got order to check every home. He checks all tvs and says he will have to see in all rooms and get the fault. The servant takes him.

Ayesha is upset. Nikhil talks to her and asks her till when will she be upset in her room and cut from the world. Ayesha says she is keeping her fingers crossed. Nikhil asks her not to be afraid, as she is supporting truth. She says she is worried for Adhiraj, he should come out of this case and start a new life. Nikhil says you both want to start new life, and it will happen. She says you are my strength, I want to thank you. He says Lajjo is in her rehearsals. Nikhil is worried for Lajjo, thinking she may be in some problem.

He gets a call and says fine Sir, I will coming. He tells Ayesha that he has to go, as he has important meeting, asking her to smile. Amit comes in the study room. The servant stops him. Amit thinks where is Trishna, maybe she is hiding, how to send the servant. The servant says there is no tv. Amit asks for water. The servant asks him not to go anywhere. He leaves. Amit tries to free Lajjo fast, but the door is locked. He knocks and says Trishna ji……… Lajjo comes out and says open it fast. Amit tries the smart card to open the lock. He uses the remote and opens the door.

Lajjo comes out and tells Shalini that she went home as her children are unwell. Shalini says don’t work, if you don’t want, tell me where you went, you always confuse me saying about your kids. Amit hides. Lajjo says she was in bathroom, as her stomach is upset. Shalini asks her to cook soon, as guests are coming. Lajjo says fine, I will cook in one hour. Shalini leaves. Amit says all the best and leaves. Inder talks to Ayesha. He asks what did she think about her studies. She says she wants to go abroad for higher studies. Inder says he is proud of her and is sad. He says if you told me before….. She asks what happened. He says there is business problem, as we have losses, but don’t worry, its matter of few days, I will try my best.

She says she will apply for educational loan. He asks which univs. She says she applied in UK and US. Barkha comes and asks why is she going UK. Ayesha says its not a trip, but about studies, she will apply. She gets angry and leaves. Barkha and Inder have a talk. Barkha says edu. Loan, did you tell her, its not good to share financial problems with children. He says she is grown up, they understand, why do we hide it from them. Inder gets a message and is worried.

Nikhil comes to meet Ranawat at dinner. Lajjo is shocked seeing him. Ranawat introduces Nikhil to Shalini. Nikhil sits for dinner. Lajjo serves him food. Ranawat talks to him and asks the new ideas he wanted to share. He says I heard much praise about you. Nikhil says thanks, I also heard good about you and did not get chance to meet you. Ranawat says I liked your way to meet me, you know to take risk. Nikhil says enough Lajjo as Lajjo serves him food. Everyone is shocked.

Ranawat asks Nikhil why did you call her Lajjo, how does he know her name is Lajjo. Lajjo and Nikhil get

Update Credit to: Amena

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