Gustakh Dil 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Gustakh Dil 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 1st May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lajjo coming to Nikhil and seeing him sleeping. Meri khushi tumse judi tum kahin bhi raho……………………plays……………..She cries and holds his hands. Mann bawra……………plays……….. She says get up, I brought tea for you, good morning. Nikhil smiles seeing her. She gives him tea. Nikhil says Lajjo I will say you bye. She says even I won’t say bye as I m going to come to you very soon forever. They hold hands. He says I will wait for you. He hugs her. Sid comes to Adhiraj and beats him. Sid beats him too getting angry as Sid talks about Ayesha. The people stop their fight.

Ayesha comes there and sees Adhiraj getting beaten up by Sid’s goons and Sid smiling. Nikhil meets everyone as he is leaving. Lajjo’s mum gives him laddoos and asks him to be happy. She blesses him. Lajjo looks on. Nikhil tells her sisters that Lajjo is very nice and he can’t be annoyed with her. Everyone leave. Lajjo holds Nikhil’s hand and smiles. He goes away. She runs to him and hugs him. Paas the juda…………….plays………….Nikhil smiles and leaves in his jeep. Gustakh dil…………….plays…………..

Sid holds Ayesha and says see your boyfriend is lying on the street, go and pick him, throw him in the bin, he deserves the bin. Sid leaves with his goons. Ayesha runs to Adhiraj and calls for help. She asks people to call ambulance. Lajjo thinks about Nikhil’s words. Lajjo’s mum sees Lajjo upset and says its no use to be like this. She says fate does not knock door always, you are adamant, don’t know why are you doing this.

She talks to Lajjo about her childhood. Her mum understands her and says I will be happy seeing you become something, but you need your husband’s love, he loves you a lot and you have sent him alone. Lajjo says I don’t want his family to break because of me, I don’t want his mum to leave him because of me, how can I go there. She says Barkha feels I don’t deserve to be in their family. Lajjo cries.

She says Sonbarsa’s Lajjo will have to change and become suitable enough to be called Nikhil’s wife. Barkha thinks about Nani’s words. Inder says I m going to sleep. They see Nikhil coming alone. Barkha says Thank God he came alone. Nikhil says yes I came alone, because of you, you wanted this. He smiles and says Lajjo made me come here alone. He says you hate her so much but you should be thankful to her, she took my promise that I will not leave this house and you.

Nikhil leaves. Inder tells Barkha that did you hear, Nikhil came here only because of Lajjo, a mum’s love did not pull him here, if he did not agree to Lajjo, you would have lost him, he is in our life only because of Lajjo. Nikhil thinks about Lajjo holding her anklet. He reads her letter. Nikhil and Lajjo miss each other.

Nikhil returns his cards and car keys to Inder and says I will stay here but I will pay for my accommodations. Barkha looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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