Gustakh Dil 19th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 19th August 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 19th August 2013 Written Update

Since the day is almost over even in the Western half of the world and there is no update, I figured I’d provide one since I am the backup! Hope ya’ll had a wonderful Monday and got to catch this episode. It was quite good (though a bit tragic).

The episode starts out with snapshots of the wedding and the groom’s cousin telling the groom’s father (FIL) that the scooter is second hand. He gets angry and goes and stops the wedding ceremony. He makes a huge hungama and shouts at his son (who I thought looked totally like a bhondu from his actions) to get up off the mandap. Lajjo’s father tries to placate him, but the FIL is super pissed and keeps insulting him. Everyone watches on in horror. The FIL takes him to the scooter and insults him saying it is second hand and they had

asked for a new one, etc. He is adamant to break the rishta and leave, but Nikhil’s grandfather comes and placates him and asks him to talk to Rambhachan in privacy. The FIL agrees and they go inside. Nikhil and his friends look in absolute confusion!

Lajjo is sitting in her room and confused due to the chaos outside. She wants to go look, but her friend placates her and asks her to stay in the room. Nikhil and his friends are talking outside. His friends are all pissed, whereas Nikhil is worries and hopes that everything turns out okay. Inside, Rambachan begs the FIL to reconsider his decision, but he is still upset. Nikhil’s grandfather comes and asks Rambachan to show the paperwork he got when he bought the scooter to prove it is new. The FIL agrees that it is new, but is still confused as to how it got damages. Rambachan makes a story about how it got damaged while a person from the dealership brought it to the house, and he felt too bad to complain about the guy to the dealership. The FIL buys it and the wedding is on again. :/ Lajjo is listening to everything and is extremely unhappy! She remembers her stint on the scooter and is very unhappy.

At Nikhil’s house in Delhi, his parents are arguing about Ayesha’s wedding. They argue about Inder having a small village mentality and Barkha being overly modern (the usual stuff ). Inder is upset at Ayesha stays out of the house all night and Barkha is not worried. Instead, she throws a taunt at Nikhil being away. Inder tells her that he is in their own house in Sonbarsa, whereas no one knows where Ayesha is. Inder gets sentimental about the village, his aging father and his sister. He is glad that atleast Nikhil remembers them and is there.

At Lajjo’s house, the pandit asks for Lajjo to be brought out for the rest of the ceremony. Lajjo is brought out and everyone is happy to see her look beautiful (including Nikhil ). Lajjo is brought to the podium and the pandit asks her to put the garland on the groom first. She stares at her groom (who is grinning stupidly) and walks off. Everyone is shocked! Her dad tries to stop her, but she says that she needs to do what is right! She makes a beeline to the scooter and puts the garland on it! Everyone is shocked and her father asks her what she is doing?! The father tries to stop her, but the FIL is all pissed again and starts insulting Rambachan. Lajjo gets angrier and says that she’s seen how they keep asking for things since the start of this relationship – money, household things, scooter, etc. She says the classic dialogue “Agar aap ki nazar main hum se jyada iss scooter ka mole hai, to humri nazar main bhi apke bete se jyada is scooter ka hi mole hai. Isliye karli humne scooter se shaadi”. Everyone looks shocked and Nikhil just smiles! Her father still tries to get her to shut up, but she just says that whatever she said was true. She then tells the in-laws that she broke the scooter and that her father had lied to protect her. The FIL is very angry and break the wedding and starts to leave. Rambachan and family try to beg them for forgiveness, but they leave!

Precap: Lajjo is taking off her jewelry and things in her room, then leaves the house still in her red saree. Her mother goes to check on her and sees that she has left, so they panic as to where she went.

Update Credit to: |Persephone|

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