Gustakh Dil 18th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 18th September 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 18th September 2013 Written Update

Nikhil’s bedroom:
Aisha sarcastically says to Nikhil “she’s your wife right? Then why is she staying in the guest bedroom? Why aren’t you sharing your room & bed with her?” Nikhil yells at her to “Shut Up!! ” She screams right back at him saying “don’t you dare talk to me like that, I’m your older sister! And, what did I say that was so wrong?” She continues her rant saying that he expects all of them to share their lives with “his wife” but he can’t even share his room with her??” She storms out from the room…

Ishana’s home:
Nikhil goes to Ishana’s house but her mom turns him away by telling him that Ishana’s not at home. Just as Nikhil turns to leave he hear’s Ishana’s voice. He tries to go in saying to her mom that he

needs to talk to her about something important but she stops him by saying “Your married! Stay away from Ishana as this is the best thing for both of you”. To which Nikhil replies that “he loves Ishana and can’t live without her” and that “he realizes he is married but…” at which point Ishana’s mom interrupts him as says “but what?? After marriage this “love” is called an “Extra Marital Affair” and she requests Nikhil to leave as she doesn’t want Ishana to suffer anymore…Just as Nikhil leaves, Ishana comes out of the room and asks her mom if it was Nikhil at the door but mom says “no it was just a sales man…”

Nikhil’s Nani’s house:
Barka calls Shala from her mom’s house and inquires whether everything is running smoothly for Aiysha’s wedding and about everyone in the house. Shala reassures her that all is well and that she is on her way out to buy some groceries and also lets her know that everyone else is out. Barka then says “that girl” will be home alone? What if she ruins something? She instructs Shala to tell Lajjo to remain in her room and not come out while everyone is gone and hangs up.
Barka’s SIL says to Barka that even though she is physically here all her thoughts are at home and that perhaps it would be better to talk thru the problem with Nikhil & come up with a solution just as Inder had suggested when he came by earlier to get her. She also says that staying away and avoiding the problem won’t fix anything (but said in a much nicer way of course). This is when her MIL comes in and berates her and also accuses her of being jealous of Barkha.

Nikhil’s house:
The doorbell is ringing continuously. Lajjo comes down the stairs talking to herself and saying why should she answer the door as she knows no one here? . As the doorbell is continuing to buzz she decides to answer as she thinks perhaps it is a member of the family returning or someone else who might have an urgent matter that they might need help with… When she opens the door she sees Sid there. He cleverly inquires whether there was no one else in the house to open the door, and she tells them that everyone is out and suggests that perhaps he should come back later when someone else is home. He wanders in saying “really? That means no one is at home…” He sits down and tells her to come and sit down with him so they can chat and get to know each other. The way he is talking to her is making Lajjo very uncomfortable (things like “don’t be afraid I’m not going to eat you”, or “people pyaar se muje Sid kathe hain what do they lovingly call you?”) He puts forth his hand to shake hers but Lajjo takes a step back bewildered…She tries to leave after she telling him her full name and he berates her saying is it your custom to leave guest alone? Just then Aisha shows up (Lajjo had left the front door open this whole time (smart girl) ) and Sid looks up at her looking a little shocked (he’s probably wondering if she heard anything). When he realizes she hasn’t he relaxes his guard and Aisha inquires whether Lajjo bothered him at all. He answers no and that he just arrived and she was keeping him company . He also says no one was home and in fact Lajjo opened the door and was asking him if he wanted any refreshments. He says now that you are here I’ll have some tea/coffee. Lajjo looks at him perplexed as to why he would lie to Aisha but doesn’t say anything. His phone rings and he goes to answer it and Aisha rudely tells Lajjo: “And you just Get Lost!” Sid watches Lajjo departure with a leery look…

Later that night…
Nikhil arrives home and sits down at the dinner table to eat. He’s about to serve himself when Lajjo shows up and grabs the spoon and starts serving him. He says to her that there is no need for her to do that, he is used to doing it as he usually comes home late… She says he has done so much for her & the least she can is this for him. He tells her it’s late why doesn’t she go to sleep as he can serve himself. Then he thinks to ask her if she’s eaten yet. To which she replies “no”. Then he asks why are you leaving then? She says Shala has left her food in her room and she will eat there. He says there is more than enough food here for the both of them and tells her to sit down to eat. He starts dishing out food for her on her plate. She seems dazed/surprised to see him doing that. He notices she is not eating so asks “What? Is there a problem?” Then he says “sorry, I forgot…one minute”…he goes off and brings back a plate of peppers for her to eat with her food.

Next day…
Nikhil is trying to call Ishaana but she isn’t answering her phone. Inder shows up and Nikhil says he’s not in the mood to talk to please leave him alone. Inder says we have to talk. Inder says that his mom left the house because of him and they have to bring her back. Nikhil replies that it would be better if his dad went instead of him as she won’t listen to him. Inder said he tried but she wouldn’t come back. He says the only way is for Nikhil to fix the problem he created in the 1st place.. Nikhal says how can he fix the problem? He said I’ve already told you that I can’t send Lajjo back…He says I don’t know what will happen tomorrow but I don’t want to do today something that will leave me feeling guilty for the rest of my life…He says dad you are thinking about your reputation and your status but for me it’s about my life…I’ve lost Ishaana, the girl that I love…even then I could not send Lajjo back…Aisha comes in at this point and says to Nikhil: Why don’t you talk about something new Nikhil? We’re all bored hearing you say the same thing over and over again…You can’t send her back… you don’t want to leave her… she’ll stay in this house… she won’t leave this house etc. etc…Nikhil interrupts her and asks her what her problem is? He also asks her what difference does it make to her whether Lajjo stays or goes, as in a few days she’ll be married and be leaving this house anyway…Aisha replies that it still makes a difference to her. Then she says to him that yesterday “his” Lajjo was trying to be a bit to friendly with her Sid. She was serving him tea & coffee as if she was the owner of this house. Written by Parm. She says I am warning you, you better explain to your Lajjo to she stay away from Sid and his family! After saying this she makes her exit (thankfully)!

Lajjo’s room:
Lajjo has made a mess of her room as she is in the process of planting flowers into pots and there is dirt everywhere….Nikhil comes in and says to her “what’s this?”. Lajjo replies “It’s great isn’t it?” She says she wants real flowers in her room that she can smell and enjoy not the fake ones that were there. Nikhil asks that’s all fine but where did you get all this stuff? She says Glass Kaka gave it to her. Nikhil asks “who’s that?”. Lajjo in her round about way tells him it’s the gardener and also informs him about the gardener’s life history but Nikhil stops her when Lajjo is about to tell him about the names of the gardener’s 3 kids. Lajjo says you know in this house it seems like no one has any “interest” (in english to which Nikhil smiles) to know anyone’s name. Even if they ask someone their name they never seem to remember it anyway. And if by chance they do happen to remember it they don’t use it. Just like everyone in this house calls me “Hey Girl”. My parents gave me a perfectly good name “Lajwanti”. Of course it’s an entirely different matter that I prefer to be called Lajjo! Nikhil makes her happy by saying “Lajjo” too!! He then tells her that she has some dirt on her face and tries to wipe it off with the back of her dirty hand (not getting much off btw) and asks him if it’s all clean now. He says yes, completely clean!!
He’s about to leave and she asks him to hold on for a minute. She points out a letter to him and asks him to grab it as her hands are dirty. He says let me guess “Its a letter for your parents?” She says yes it is. He says in this day and age of cell phones your writing letters? Why don’t you just call them? She says they don’t have a phone and that there are only 2 phones in the whole village. One at Nikhil’s grandfather’s and the other at the post office. Nikhil takes the letter and says no worries he will post it and add the postage too…
As he’s leaving he recalls what Aisha said about Lajjo getting friendly with Sid and asks her if he can ask her a question. Too which she replies asks 4! He says “yesterday that guy “Sid” came to the house, Aisha’s fiance, did you talk to him?” Lajjo recalls her encounter with Sid. She replies “why would I talk to him?? What pleasure do you think I could possibly take from conversing with him? He spoke to me himself. He was ringing the doorbell continuously and since no one was home to open the door I opened it. He started talking to me and I even told him to come back later as no one was home! Can I tell you something?” Lajjo says to Nikhil, “I find something wrong with his character and I think he’s not right for your sister Aisha.”

Ishana is recalling her past with Nikhil plus the scene when Nikhil told her that he was unable to leave Lajjo. While deep in thought she’s also putting out candle flames with her bare hands and does not notice when one is knocked over. The rug catches fire but she seems to be oblivious to the fact…

Update Credit to: Parm

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