Gustakh Dil 14th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Gustakh Dil 14th August 2013 Written Episode, Gustakh Dil 14th August 2013 Written Update

Nikhil’s Grandfathers house…
The episode starts with Ram Bachan (Laajo’s father) refusing the money (80,000 rupees) that Nikhil was trying to give him to help him with the recent dowry demands of Laajo’s future in-laws.
Ram Bachan says that he cannot accept it as he (Nikhil) is a visitor to their village but Nikhil insists him again saying he is a son of this village too. Nikhal’s grandfather insists that he take the money and Ram Bachan agrees to take it only if Nikhil takes his property papers in return. Ram Bachan wants Nikhil to stay until Laajo’s wedding as he wants a chance to thank him. Nikhil’s grandpa says no problem that Nikhil will stay until Laajo gets married.

Laajo’s house…
Laajo’s Bhua is sitting with Laajo’s mom. She and has come

there because she heard that Laajo’s future in-laws had made more demands and she brought her gold bangles to help out. Laajo’s mom denies taking them saying that she is sure that Laajo’s dad will come up with something (there seems to be a close bond between the two sister in laws).

Nikil’s grandfather’s house…
Nikhil is deep in thought when his grandfather shows up. His grandfather asks him if he is thinking about why Ram Bachan insisted on leaving his property papers in return for taking the money. Nikhil agrees that this is what he was thinking about and also goes on to say how it doesn’t matter to him if he gets the money back or not as it is a small amount but his grandfather says to him it may be a small amount for him but for the people of the village it is not. He makes him understand why Ram Bachan couldn’t just take the money for nothing. After this convo, Nikhil’s grandpa teases him saying that if his girlfriend gets mad at him for not coming back right away he’ll try and pacify her for him.

Laajo’s house…
Laajo and her mom are sitting together taking. Laajo’s mom is still upset about the dowry incident and Laajo says she is ready to do Pooja for her mom. Laajo’s mom gets happy hearing this.

Nikhil’s house in New Dehli…
Nikhil’s sister is trying to get Ishaana to convince Nikhil to wear something she wants him to for her wedding as she wants the family wedding portrait to be perfect and Ishaana just finished telling her that Nikhil will not wear what she has picked out for him. Ishaana says she will try and convince Nikhil to wear what his sister wants. Ishaana brings a gift for Nikhil’s mom. His mom loves the ring and Ishaana’s thoughtfulness as apparently she has a thing for rings. Nikhil’s sister chimes in saying maybe we should have a joint wedding to which her mom replies that Nikhil is only 21 and he still has to go to London to complete his studies, and that she’s sure Ishaana wants to complete hers as well to which Ishaana agrees. Then Nikhil’s dad shows up saying you can’t just butter up your future MIL you’ll have to do that for your future FIL too. She says sure thing and goes to find out what it is he wants. He says it’s secret and he speaks quitely to her away from his wife and daughter who just happen to be watching them . He says to Ishaana that he wants her help to convince those 2 that he shouldn’t have to wear a bow tie to the wedding. Ishaana says do you think they’ll listen to me? He says in this house they only listen to you. (looks like the whole family likes her alot wonder how they’re going to accept Laajo when she turns up). Ishaana says she will try.

Doctor’s office in the village…
Laajo is telling the Dr. what is out of stock and what they need for the pharmacy. Dr. seems sad that Laajo will be leaving as who is going to be there to help him and the villagers. Laajo’s friend comes to call her home as her mom wants her. The Dr. says today is your last day, Laajo is sad hearing this and starts walkig away slowly head downcast and the Dr. stops her and says go as your usual self. So she goes running home.

Laajo’s home…
Her mom asks her if she did pooja she says yes. Her mom tells her she is very happy today, Laajo asks her why she is so happy. Her mom tells her that her dad got the 80,000 rupees for her marriage. Laajo wants to know how her dad managed that so her mom says Nikhil gave it to him. Laajo becomes concerned as she thinks that he wouldn’t just do that (obviously from all the confrontations she’s had so far) and he probably wants something in return. Her mom tells her no, he doesn’t want anything and that Bhagvan just someone to help them.
Then Laajo’s mom gets her sister and her friends to grab a hold of Laajo and tries to beautify her for upcoming wedding. Laajo is trying to resist saying she’ll have to take another bath.

Nikhil’s house in Dehli…
Nikhil’s sister comes into her parents room. She comes with the phone saying talk to mom. Her mom says to her looks like I have to sort out yours and Sids problems too (Sid must be her fiance) and she says it not Sid it’s Nikhil. Her mom looks at the phone and says it’s disconnected. Her dad asks her what the problem is. She says that Nikhil is still not coming back as he is staying in Sonvarsha for someone’s wedding. She’s all upset as apparantley the designer is waiting for Nikhil’s measurements for his sister’s wedding. Nikhil’s mom says that Nikhil should be more responsible as it is his sister’s wedding after all. Nikhil’s dad doesn’t seem happy hearing this.

Precap: None

Update Credit to: Parm

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